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  • DarkFalcon

    It's weird how Trufant is the one getting the most interceptions when in real life he almost never gets targeted, and his hands have never been great so his interception numbers are low.

    Speaking of real life. We made Watson look like Graham. Goddamn we missed Durant. Our pass rush still needs work too. Oh well, didn't expect everything to be fixed year 1.

  • Jon Gruden

    Boy, let me tell ya, the Panthers are stacked at Running Back, man. If you think just because Leveon Bell is off the field that the Panthers still won't run the ball on you, then you obviously haven't done your homework, man. For whom the Bell tolls. Also, Greg Olsen is a man amongst boys, he looks like those two twins, Mary Kate and Ashley, man, when one's tired, just bring in another one. Except Greg Olsen never needs a break, man, he gets tired when he's not on the field. Someone get that man some oxygen, man.

  • Jedibob5

    Looks like Cane pulled a Leonard Fournette with Bell by feeding him like crazy early on then letting him take the second half off while the backups dealt with the leftovers.

  • The Football Genius

    Couple of things as usual
    1. U said that you have never seen a safety occur like that before? Remember when it happened in season 2 @ New Orleans?
    2. Here u go with the retarded passes again (jeez I'm already breaking the promise that I said in the long paragraph)
    3. You beat a good team! Carolina is going to the playoffs!

  • James Jordan

    Anyone catch the end of that MU MSU game? I usually prefer MU because of their color scheme (I'm a WVU fan) but that felt like the Iron Bowl finish two years ago lol.