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  • MartianGeneral

    Considering he hasn't played a single pre season game and has trained for just over a week at united, Romero had a really good debut. I, as many of the united fans, expected a really poor show from Romero but I'm happy he proved me wrong.
    Would still give MOTM to Darmian tho, it was so great to see a proper RB after such a long time.

  • Yanited

    Romero was good considering the circumstances but am I the only one who thinks everyone is overreacting. He didn't have any difficult things to do really and his short passing and ball control was dodgy. Anyone agree or am I just crazy? :S

  • Bongo King

    Why is everyone so deluded saying romero had a great game( he doesnt even compare to de gea stop pretending he does) he was one of our worst players, slow off his line, poor distrubution (suppost to be his best attribute), bad handaling. Would rather give johnson an oppotunity than let romero play first team.

  • Ronnie Cee

    - Signed Romero on a free ✅
    - Now sell Degea for £35m
    - Use the funds to buy Otamendi

    Excellent strategy!! What a process!!

  • Baron Death

    LOL its kinda stupid , LVG in all of his latest press conferences says that we need speed but he never gives the speedy players a chance like wilson he plays mata as a winger LOL which i understand cuz he is left footed but still playing depay out of his position is complete BS cuz he is fast

  • GeneGeneThe WashingMachine

    Gutted that Johnstone didn't play coz hewas solidin pre-season; but althoughRomero's distribution was iffy, generally hewas good today tbf. Darmian was great today but my MOTM was Smalling. Kept Kane quiet for the 2nd game runningvs Spurs, stopped a near certain goal from Chadli(?) and generally was colossal – as always.

  • Michael Dimitropoulos

    Romero's performance was what should be expected of any United goalkeeper playing in a game of this magnitude. This hype around him after one game is ridiculous. The saves he made were saves that should have been made and were not brilliant by any stretch and his distribution was torrid. If we are to continue to pass the ball around the back with the goalkeeper involved regularly, Romero should not be on the pitch unless he can improve that very quickly.