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  • MariaK

    She's a genius, and took an amazing next step in her career, the youngest ever CEO of a fortune 500 company!!! :) and I happen to think she's doing a good job at Yahoo. I like the new home page a lot.

  • Justin Jones

    What she did at Google. Several patents in artificial intelligence and interface design carry her name as inventor. The look of Google's interface as a search engine and oversee the development, code-writing, and launch of Gmail, Google Maps, iGoogle, Google Chrome, Google Health, and Google News. She heavily influenced the company's biggest successes such as Google Earth, Books, Images and more, and she curated Google Doodle, the morphing of the familiar homepage logo into designs and images celebrating special events around the world.

  • Ahmad Hesam

    wann kann euch vertrauen ! jedes mal mit andre meinungen intervow immer soll ihr gelück sein andre menschen schämmen!
    Marissa Mayer on growing up in Wisconsin, getting hired at Google, and the origins of Adsense

  • rockstarrist

    So Paul did all the work and this moron was a "project manager" ! Managers are the worst kind of human species. The actual techies don't get anything in computer science or IT.

  • NJA1039

    Targeted ads are still an open issue? Don't think so. Another soul inflicted with tech-mania from birth. These "open issues' have fundamentally changed the world and we are just going to begin to deal with the many many effects of these fateful midnight revelations

  • Wayne Manzo

    Let's see, in the old days we had magazines and newspapers for information and
    ad money went to support these diverse magazines and newspapers. The invention
    of the Net and the invention of only Google and Yahoo(same thing) means most of that
    ad money gets funneled. It doesn't matter how many trillions they spend making the Net bigger and bigger as long as money doesn't flow into the hands of human Gentiles. Think about it! Google, Yahoo, and the Golden Eye SS Real Mossad must be stopped!