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  • Adalberto da Silva Duarte

    INGLÊS: SOS/Socorro Urgente/HELP! Sorry my anxiety for many years since 1993 I have been fighting the bad professionals Press; the Judicial Police (Civilian, Federal and Military); prosecutors and the judiciary in Brazil had full democratic rule of law and have not had support of NGOs that report only human rights violations during the military dictatorship through the National Truth Commission (CNV) and the National Amnesty Committee (CNA) ; while we duly proven innocent in the three instances of Justice proving that I am and have been pursued in more than 50 actions / litigations sponsored by the State via pseudo authorities who consider themselves omnipotent: Sleeps thinking they are God and agree convinced be one read! This is unacceptable because it made me a bankrupt as an individual making my expenses reached almost 100% of my meager financial conditions at the time totaling nearly 03 million dollars to not be stuck being unquestionably innocent! I do not understand why we do not have spaces on social networks such as occurs when reported cases of homophobia, incest, nepotism, racism, lesbianism, Mª da Penha law; only to illustrate! … For the bad professionals of our sacred constitutionally empowered institutions of adjudication are covered up for fear of reprisal and we need to show that if there is a change in this behavior are doing a disservice to democracy! So I need help/mutual, donations of any nature and / or loan, sell, mortgage my house and my thirst for Ong (ADDHVEPP-Defense Association of Human Rights and Victims of Private Entities/Private and Public CNPJ No. 07,137,809/0001-09) located at Avenida Mato Grosso No. 1424 Quarter Marta Helena CEP 38.402-288 (34 + 55) 3213-7256/9991-9137 Banco Caixa Econômica Federal – CEF Agency No. 0161 Triangle Square Osvaldo Cruz Centro Type Operation 001 Checking Account No. 0021.018-2 Uberlândia/Minas Gerais/ Brazil !

  • Salvador Allende

    she made some odd decisions but I will always be grateful for yahoo after they picked up Community! Sixseasonsandamovie!

  • Jeff Bridges

    There is a reason women do not make it in business and why only 2% of CEOs are women: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/financialcareers/09/top-female-ceos.asp And it is NOT because of 'oppression.' No, men have bent completely backwards to appease women and have rolled out the red carpet and if anyone says anything critical of women they are instantly fired, so all of that is bullshit.

    No, the REAL reason women are never successful at anything is because they are CUNTS. Spiteful, petty, lazy, fuck you attitude, "I'll be there when I get there," CUNTS. COMPLETELY unaccountable, moody, narcissistic, complete disrespect for male authority- even going out of their way to make sure they are shitting on anything their male boss says in a childish 'you don't tell me what to do' kind of way, catty, irresponsible and flakey.

    THAT'S the reason they are rarely promoted to anything over some petty floor manager where it doesn't really matter. Who is going to give someone like THAT any kind of real responsibility in a company. It's why women stay answering a phone for a company for 20 years and nothing more. And what made them all cunts? 50 years of Feminism ironically.

  • Jeremy Youtube

    I've had some negative associations with Yahoo overthe last 5 yearsbut seeing this interview I think I'm going togive Yahoo a 2nd chance. She's impressive.

  • American Teacher

    This ex-lawyer is an English idiot……I wouldn't even give him an interview.
    He's an big, fat, gross, animal. In addition to that, he's got a low-class vocabulary – and is hostile, very obviously, toward the company…..what a jerk.

  • jeff deers

    she survives due to her pretty face, she has done nothing beneficial for yahoo besides hemorrhaging money on useless start ups and hiring that buffoon from google only to fire him afterwards. yahoo stock only goes up due to that monster alibaba.

  • Liz Torres

    The interviewer is a jerk. Anyway. Yahoo needs to make their homepage WAYYYYY less busy. Its crazy.On the phone that might be fine. But ts trying to be a one stop shop where you get everything you look for on the internet on Yahoo. Thats not how people use the internet, is it? Google is a SEARCH ENGINE, nice and clean. Yahoo is a departments store. CHANGE that. Change the format! Theres great looking front page formats now that are very simple and intuitive to navigate. Clutter=bad