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  • DynamikeMedia

    That's totally true, the codex indeedtells youthatour owngalaxy still hasn't been fullymapped out yet, but on the other hand, think of it… No movie or game that i know ofhas ever been to Andromeda. That's something totally new and unique,plus itcanserve as this huge newfirst contact war between galaxy's, not just planets. Now that would be aBIG epicthing!!!

  • TheCodexBoss

    I just hope that communication is kept up with Earth, the Citadel and the other races in the Milky Way and that the new protagonist and his/her crew are not just stranded in this new galaxy.

  • BonerfartTime

    Why would they want to go to another galaxy when our galaxy still has many tales to be told?

    According the Mass Effect Codex, only 1% of our galaxy has been mapped while the rest still remains uncharted.