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  • JBSptfn

    This Saint team could have been 15-1. Against SF, they lost two games they could have won. In the first one, they had the ball in close late down four, but couldn't get a TD. In the second game, they blew a 20-7 fourth quarter lead in Candlestick.

    Then in December, they lost to the Bills because of a ticky-tack pass interference call in the end zone on fourth down (House Ballard was holding Pat Swilling blatantly on the play, but there was no call) with five minutes left in the game that set up a game-winning Buffalo TD (the typical break that the Bills would get in 1992 and 93 that would irritate me).

  • Mike Johnson

    Man imagine if the Saints would have had an elite QB in the early 90's they prolly could of went to a Super Bowl

  • Thomas Minchew

    I was there. Marino vs The Dome Patrol. #1 passing offense vs #1 passing defense. Marino passed for 259 the most the Saints allowed all year. It was the only game live that I saw Marino play with the Mark's brothers. Has a Dolphins fan it was the best day of my life.

  • 61111yes

    About the 30 minute mark (end of 1st), it goes to a Bud Light commercial. The stamp at the end says it's from 2000…this game is from 1992. My mind is blown.