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  • RToltschin

    Refreshing to hear a Newscaster, from ANY MSM/Cable network, speak from the place of Integrity – and Nail It! Thank you Mika – for delivering an accurate measure of 'his' continued attack on our entire Nation, 'his' base obviously alive and well at Breitbart.

  • Norman Stehr

    That should cause an international intervention! At least from the allies … It is no domestic matter any more! Those right wing racists within the Rep Party should get a stop sign a.s.a.p. !

  • Juliaoceania

    It won't be over for Huckabee until he plugs his books some more. He is a shameless shill pretending to be running for president when his real agenda is to make money.

  • David Berger

    The US-Americans of Arkansas elected Governor Huckabee and President Clinton were both chosen by the Razorback state as their political leaders.
    I wonder if 1% of US-Americans knew that?!
    Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb are we ever
    Dumb dumb dumb dumb
    Are we ever dumb dumb dumb dumb
    Are we ever dumb
    Why why why why?
    (oops I left out a dumb sorry dummies!)

  • MrJthomas70

    refreshing, and Bravo Mika…and you know Joe is sitting there speechless thinking…WTF is happening to my party?

  • Adnan Kashogi

    Mika takes from her father they dont bow down to no one. I feel rightwing scumbags in Israel and the US have cheapened the Holocaust so much people dont take that shit serious no more. The word has lost its meaning.

  • Oscar Wilde

    Huckabee tries to save Israeli lives by mentioning the Holocaust.

    "Don't talk about the Holocaust! It's offensive!"

    You know what's worse than mentioning the Holocaust? Failing to prevent another Holocaust because you aren't allowed to mention it.

  • Pasha Genie

    I'm glad somebody finally said it on air what so many of us are talking about in our own homes. His comment was sickening.

  • drdellaman

    What is amazing is that Huckabee had thought about this comparison before he actually said it, and then he said it. Of course he has no chance to be President, but it is so inappropriate to make such irresponsible statements.