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  • The1316killer

    religious convictions another code word religious hate. religious liberty another word for let me cherry pick something out of the Bible I want to be disgusted with. do your fucking job and if you can't handle your fucking job go get a new job. if she wants to be persecuted for her so called religious convictions I'll be glad to nail her to a goddamn cross.

  • BoringMan

    weather you like it or not IT'S THE LAW. it is your civic duty to obey the law. I may not like that I have to pay for a new computer but I'm certainly not going to go out and steal one, why? you guessed it. it's the law

  • LoyalToTheRepublic

    Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee, are both on the wrong side of history. Davis can quit. Nothing stops her from doing so. What is next? "I am Muslim and I refuse to give a drivers license to a woman." "I worship Gozer the Gozerian I must kill a child as sacrifice. I have religious freedom." Do you really want a Christian theocracy. Just imagine Sunday school every day and the teacher with the power to put you in jail, fine you, and take your property. No sane person would want this.

  • Mike911

    homos are so horrible & full of hatred she didn't hurt any of them, she is brave for standing up for what she believes
    but look at what you're doing smh

  • Tonya Tipton

    This is the biggest crap of shit I have ever seen. This lady broke the law, period. If she doesn't want to do her job then she should just quit.

  • percy thrillington

    damm, huckabee is practically begging for votes.
    this bat-shit crazy lady is the new sarah palin…'They all get defeated in the end..
    just like they thought the "negro" would never get elected.

  • codediporpal

    Oh, I so wanted to like Christie, and he's dead right on this issue. Why did he have to be a corrupt, petty piece of shit?