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  • Dovahkiff

    People keep calling this flag historical and crap like that. This flag does most definitely stand behind racism, without a doubt. It is a waste of time for us to change a flag but come on guys I thought we finished this over a hundred years ago.
    People say that it would disrespect the confederate soldiers lost and bullshit like that, they say that it's history that shouldn't be tampered with.
    What if Germany flew a flag with a tiny swastika in the upper left corner? You could make the exact same argument, that it's a waste of time, that it's historical accurate, and that taking it down would disrespect the fallen German soldiers.
    Let's face the facts, the Confederacy was all about racism, you can try and sugarcoat it or dance your way around it but the fact that the secession of these countries was majorly due to slavery in the country. In fact the first couple of lines of Mississippi's declaration of secession state that they are completely behind slavery and that it would be detrimental to our country to change it. So stop pretending like it's historical inaccurate to state that racism is behind that flag.
    The final argument of course is that it's a waste of time and money, sure that's true but then what's the point of flags? Flags are supposed to show what we support, defend, and stand behind right? To stand behind that flag is to stand behind what confederate Mississippi stood behind during the civil war, slavery.

  • Peyton II Cottrell

    The Vatican was the only foreign nation that did indirectly recognize the former Confederacy as an independent nation.

  • Kma Bnya

    This can be done simply by financial means. The blacks in Mississippi need to disconnect cable TV, Electricity, Water, stop buying food at restaurants and fast food places, stop buying at any stores, stop riding public transportation, absolutely stop spending money in the state of Mississippi for 1 year and then negotiate. Black people can drive across state lines to buy groceries. Black people, you can get your water from a friend who owns a well. I have a well, and would be glad to supply water. I know that sounds tuff and extreme. The Amish community is doing it right now. Anyway, this will hurt the economy, believe it or not. The blacks in Mississippi represents 47% of the state population. If you cripple the economy, they have no choice but to change to the flag that represents all people of the state.

  • MegaAstrodude

    I believe this was also the official national flag of the Confederacy. The Bonnie Blue Flag was a Confederate Song.

  • Ashal008

    A state flag should represent all persons living under it. In a state that has an overwhelming African American population it's surprising that the banner is still being flown. I fault black people in Mississippi for not challenging their elected officials on this subject

  • cannondragger

    Mississippi never had a flag from 1817 till 1/9/1861, when Mississippi seceded from the union. The Bonnie Blue was flown (unofficially) over the Capital Building from January 9th until January 26th, when the Magnolia Flag was officially adopted. In 1894 the present Flag was adopted. It has the Confederate battle flag in it's canton, with 13 stars depicting the original 13 Colonies and three stripes of red, white and blue; showing the reuniting of the nation.

  • Comrade MajorSargent Autism

    "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all."
    ~Noam Chomsky

    Maybe if you read the 1st Amendment you would know just because its against YOUR FUCKING SHIT TIER OPINION they HAVE THE RIGHT to fly that flag regardless of what others think. The only thing about flags in the US that must be sought true is the regulations for the flag of the United States of America, like proper folding, etc. But any flag can fly, and you HAVE NO RIGHT TO STOP IT