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  • xingcat

    This is my favorite thing. I think there should be a Mrs. Kasha Davis Snatch Game where she plays all the roles, and all those roles are bigoted people trying to deny gay people rights.

  • Eddie Saar

    OMG! That was a spot on impersonation of Kim Davis. Tell Max you are not allowed to take him for a walk "Under God's Authority!" Brava MKD

  • coolio

    This is wrong!!! It's does say in the bible that marriage is between man and women not man and man and women and women that's why we had Adam and Eve boy and girl I am the same religion as sis Kim I believe everything she says because same sex marriage is wrong in all ways idc what Obama says I don't care what the courts say all I know is that gods in charge of it all!!!! I'm a proud apostolic and I agree with sis Kim you go! We will win this!!! I'll keep you in my prayers!! She is right and she does have the right of freedom of religion its in the constitution! Obama is just a fake who is dumb and shouldn't be our cammander in chief! Because gods in control of this thing!!