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  • Captain Canada

    90% Of The 2015 NHL playoff games I have uploaded has now been blocked worldwide. It's time to move on. Thanks #NHL You're the best. You know how to promote your game. Why did I get my account back in the first place? Why did I spend hours and hours cutting / editing / piecing videos together. #somehockeyvideos #HockeyWebCaster I feel your pain. I'm 99% sure this is definitely the end for me.

  • d4v1dfor3v3r

    This is just pure bullshit. NHL, this poor guy has had his channel terminated how many times now? And how many pennies has he made off of YouTube? Zero. Copyright should not apply to a YouTuber if he/she is making no damn money, I'm pretty sure it works like that in the real world. All this guy wants to do it upload content like game highlights and he does a much better job than the NHL YouTube channel does. This shit makes no fucking sense. If he was making money off of it then maybe, but he has made no penny, nickle, dime, NOTHING off of these. NHL, let your content be shown on YouTube and not restricted to just one channel which has done a great job at it, but still has lots of flaws and other crap (cough cough game highlights). This shit is purely ridiculous. SomeHockeyVideos, HockeyWebCaster, CaptainCanada, all three have been subject to the shit that has become YouTube's "copyright".

    But seriously, I really do feel sorry for you. This has been complete crap. THREE TIMES your channel has been removed just because of your hard work and dedication. Thank you CaptainCanada for the great videos.

  • Chief Xibalba

    Very unfortunate that this had to happen. Sorry to see this Captain, really does make me sad. Thank you for all your hard work time and dedication you put into these videos. And once again, thank you for the Tyler Toffoli all goals video. It's a shame that it seems that may be your last video. I hope you find other things to do. Thanks for the memories Captain.

  • Anthony Larson

    please dont stop……..I am stuck here in Ohio and have looked forward to your uploads….I will send you some corn and beans…thats what we grow here….

  • Alex Baker

    NOOOO! Your videos are AMAZING! If I miss a game I watch your recaps, they're so good! God damn this sucks!

  • iPermanently

    Thank you captain your videos are better than the nhl highlights ones where your video is 30+ minutes long and theirs is like less than 5 minutes. Ridiculous they took something away from you and it's not even causing any harm to anyone. People are happy for these highlights and now it gets taken away. Fuck now I have to watch the regular nhl highlights. They aren't near as good as yours.

  • YepIt'sSulli

    i'm so sorry. thank you so much for all the hard work. i wouldn't ever be able to do this, the patience it must've taken….


    A sad day in this community as one of the monumental figures in our NHL youtube community will be potentially shut down.

    You will never be forgotten, thanks for all the uploads. One last time, Thanks a ton Cap.


  • DonnieCookieMonster

    I'm gonna miss you, you're probably the first channel I check for some hockey highlights in the morning, BEST OF LUCK!!

  • David Marin

    I've been watching your channel since 2013 playoffs, tank you for all your hard work and your consistency, and also for putting the highlights in English and French
    Really sad that you have to stop your videos

  • ShiftyCalzone

    You could just talk about the games instead. After the games are over, just get on camera and talk about them. I like coming to this channel for hockey highlights, and I wouldn't mind listening to your commentary. However, that's not up to me.