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  • darwin libres

    i just [email protected]#king finished watching this episode and started researching if jon snow would come back my god and i thought the red wedding hurts…. seriously thinking of buying the book to find out if snow is alive lol

  • K3eOne

    The stark are always getting killed for being "too" nice….. Jon was doing the right thing and was even gaining the respect of the widlings and than this happens……….. I still think there a slight chance he might come back alive… i thought i heard footsteps when you see it zooming in on him and blood is pouring out and i believe it might be the red hair witch that will bring him back.

  • sampai notice me

    hey its ok man
    maybe he can do the change with ghost like bran
    look the end his eyes turned white
    :D it ok maybe still alive or not XD

  • uncutVids d (UncutVideo leaks)

    I said same shit I don't know if ima watch this shit no more lol but I think they will bring him back someway

  • Brittney Stone

    Don't worry Jon will return kit is not returning next season…… But Jon snow will be inside of his wolf ghost for season 6 I believe meliasondra will steal his body and start the resurrection which will be the beginning stages of him becoming The Lord of light Azor ahai. Here are the clues from the show they are way. different then the books
    1. When meliasondra came to the way she looked right at Jon snow.
    2. She was willingly giving her body (sex) to Jon snow without any cause.
    3, at the battle of hallhornd (the battle with the white walkers his sword obliterated a walker shattering him like glass.
    4. The white walker king was staring at him when he rows up the newly dead glaring right at Jon.
    5. Meliasondra was acting weird the whole episode.
    6. She came back to the wall .why? Why would she of all people come back to the wall?
    It's because Jon snow really is Azor ahai The Lord of light .