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  • Annecy Dream

    I cry so much in happiness that the Lakers got the #2pic .
    I laugh so damn hard how the Knick think they can tank it, believe they get a higher chance, but they still lose. Hahahaa!!!

  • MaadDawg1

    Would you say these are the NBA equivalents to these Quarterbacks?

    Joe Montana- Michael Jordan

    Peyton Manning- Tim Duncan

    Tom Brady- Kobe Bryant

    Brett Favre- Allen Iverson

    John Elway – Larry Bird

    Aaron Rodgers-Lebron James

    Andrew Luck-Kevin Durant

  • BrooklynEwms32

    Yes!!!!…LAKERS On the Rise Again!!!….L.A. Belongs to the LAKERS…Not to The Hair-Clippers who go back to the B.S.(Barber Shop)!!!

  • Nick Jasper

    That is stupid that they have a lottery for the top 3 picks. It should only be for the 1st pick, and then have the teams with the worst recordsfollow after the #1 pick. The NHL does it like that and it's more fair that way.NY got screwed because of this dumb system.

  • chitizzle

    It was fixed as usual the only reason the Lakers didn't get 1st pick is it would've been too obvious, fact is n.b.a. is at it's peak financially/fan base wise, when the Lakers, Celtics, & Knicks are relevant.

  • RetiredClassroomJoker

    Clarkson, Randle, Black, 2nd overall pick and potentially another steal this year with a late first round pick and a second round pick. The Lakers have young ASSETS at last! Moving in the right direction, need a good free agency for top 8 though and an effective Kobe.

  • Daniel Evans

    Lakers fans be like " TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!" :):):)
    Knicks fans be like "FuckFuckFuckFuck my life" :(:(:(:(

  • Timeoftroubles

    And then the Knicks went on to win multiple Championships and Rule the NBA for well over a decade… Just a moment, folks… What? They… They didn't win any? Oh? I see… Folks, I apologize… It seems the Knicks have been a mediocre franchise, at best, for their entire history. Furthermore, Madison Square Garden is not, nor was it ever, the Mecca of Basketball.

  • wertyamatz22

    Keep Kobe, Clarkson, Randle, Davis, Ellington. Trade or get rid everyone left in that turrible roster.

    Pick Towns/Okafor and trade it to NYK for their 4th plus future 1st round picks. And select Deangelo or Mudiay

    Try to get established bigmen such as LALdridge/K.Love/DeAndre/Tyson/MGasol.

    This is a MUST… Jimmy Butler!

    And put some shooters, floor spacers, and atleast can defend around them. and say Hello NBA we're back!