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  • Steve Swangler

    it is a joke that Kenny Stabler is not in the hall of fame. The Snake was as good as Roger Staubach (1985) and better than Bob Griese (1990). Griese's main job in Miami was to turn and hand off one of the 3 great backs they had in their glory days. Griese missed 9 games during their undefeated season, so really how important could he have been to them?

  • Phil Boyd

    Awesome video! Watching this brings back some memories…. good and bad. One thing to remember…. it was Bum that planted the seeds that would become that great Dome Patrol defense we would have in the late 80s and early 90s.

  • Shabba6884

    Just can't bear to watch much of that finale against the Rams. So close yet so far away for so long. If only we had a competent young quarterback to lead the '83 Saints. Wilson just wasn't that guy. How's this for a substitute….Goodlow and Scott on the outside, Duckett in the slot, and Brees at quarterback ;)

  • SingleTax

    The only defensive stat that counts in the end is points allowed, and the Saints allowed 26 or more points seven times that season. So it would seem their "top-ranked" defense was in fact overrated.