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  • Klub Marcus

    Slugs For Thugs! Good guys with guns solved this problem, and one more to go. Let this be a lesson to all. When the chips are down, and evil men are about, you'll be glad you invested in a handful of precious metals: steel, lead, brass, copper, etc…

  • Hobbit

    If the whole event even happen, which I doubt, the cops should have put a Post It note on his dead body that said, "Have a nice day!" I know what you're thinking: What makes you think the shit didn't even happen? Well, look at the famous cut pipe pictures and see what's missing. I'll give you a clue. The claim is they cut it with hand tools….Where the metal chips from the saw? For that matter, how did they cut the square corners. Answer: The fat woman smuggled in a plasma cutter. Hahaha!

  • Tjfreak

    The numbers on the wall make them look 5' 10" above ground at best,one of them is soon to be 72" underground & 2 of them if it's a good day.