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  • Brandon Barbone

    I went down to tailgate the game with some friends I barely see anymore (It was a last second thing). We then went to Xfinity to watch the game. Since Buses stop after 11:20 going out of the city a buddy who I was with had our neighbor pick us up.

    Anyway heres the story. We got on the train and we saw this Giants fan. He was pretty drunk and was really talking smack to guys. Ironically the guy he's talking trash too is a friend of mines buddy from my old neighborhood Upper Darby which is where 69th st is. Dude was talking trash the whole ride home trying to pick a fight with anyone in ear shot. The girl he grabbed was not with him and when he turned around he put up his first. The dude squared him up and walked away. We got outside and he said he was concerned about the girls safety. Also the Giants fan was egging him on in a boxing position.

    Having lived in that area for yrs before I moved to the next town over the Giants fan was an idiot drunk. You go around Upper Darby/69th St area talking smack like that in a rough neighborhood you're asking for trouble right away. That crowd is rough around the edges in that area and if I'm in that area at night I try to go with people and not alone because you never know what might happen. Unfortunately this video only shows part of this like a lot of the "Police abuse on people" videos where you don't get the whole story. Either way the guy hit him because he was protecting the girl. Where I grew up if you are gonna smack and then want to fight someone and then chicken out and grab a girl you're gonna get hit. Frankly considering the area he should count himself lucky he wasn't shot.

    To tell you the truth I was gonna hit him myself but the other dude was faster. I don't mind people trash talking and cheering their own team in my stadiums etc but you start acting like a complete d-bag, tell someone you'd hit them and beat them and then grab a random girl and hide behind them you are just asking for trouble. The guy had trouble coming to him and his biggest fault was doing this in Upper Darby where guys are quick to protect their turf if you disrespect him.

  • Jaeger Supreme

    Pussy move. Guy is smaller and he was sucker punched while with his girl. Eagles fans were following him taunting him.

  • Paul Dack

    Homey should have kept his big mouth shut. He got served real proper like. Never call out someone from Philly like that. With your hands up like "what's up ? ". You think you're invisible, duke? Haha next time protect ya neck, kid.

  • NYGIANTS 2016

    don't be a fan if your going to take criticism or shit talking personally! it show that you are a weak minded person and have anger management issue! that kind of attitude won't fly no where!

  • Victor Rivera

    Well deserved! You don't go into the opposing teams territory and talk sh*t! NY fans are scum! Props to the Eagles fan for this! Now the Sheli fan has TWO rings (around his eye)!!!! LOL!!!!!