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  • Troof Diggins

    Sorry for the long post, but try and get thru it and spread the word of sanity. I have children and they or You should not have to demand health and education in the 21st century as a right. The short sighted see these two things as welfare handouts. Greed has blinded most of humanity from simple truths. THe Good news is, hypocrisy in greed defending is helping the cause of sanity. The American people remember the 2008 taxpayer bailouts for the Big Banks that caused the world economy to crash. We remember two false wars to kill "terror" on credit cards for tax payers to worry about now. We remember the passing of bills like the patriot act and citizens united, that literally snatched the constitution away from all Americans! Google those two bills and see what they are about.. All the trillions of wealth accumulated since 2008 by those same BANKING CARTELS who were bailed out, and put back in charge of things instead of jail, are about to reap sanity of the AMERICAN PEOPLE. We should start by appropriating all illegal off shore accounts as tax evasion and use that to fund healthcare and education for starters. THEN Tax the .01% or top 400 richest families 75% of all income every year, and allocate it directly to the national debt every year until its paid off completely. the 1% would have to pay 50%, the 99% pay 25% of annual income to rebuild infrastructure, education, healthcare, agriculture, fresh water supplies, and waste management, until all those things run sustainable and efficient.

    then, SHUT THE FED DOWN AND MAKE INTEREST BASED Currency ILLEGAL! This country WILL BE number one again if we make new choices. THe American people should have demanded a say in what the corporations we BAILED out built for us after the bailout. BAILOUTS ARE NOT CAPITALISM SO WHY DID WE NOT MAKE DEMANDS IN EXCHANGE FOR THE BAILOUT? GM, FORD, and TESLA should be pumping out the worlds greatest electric cars, and America should have had the best electric car infrastructure laid down by now. We should have already been number one again in world exports at the very least, we spoofed a great chance in 2001 and a huge chance in 2008 during tax payer bailouts. We could have had something to export finally that people around the world actually wanted! Millions of jobs left on the table by missing that chance to lead the world into electric cars with sustainable infrastructure to go with them. We made no demands as the people. All we got is camaro z71, stingray, and a mustang all with v8 engine options that no one in the world wants! telsa gave us a $100,000 car that no working class Americans can afford. i remind you of these past mistakes because we have to finally do the right thing as Americans.

    IT IS TIME TO RISE UP AND HOLD YOUR GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBLE TO DO THE RIGHT THING. POWER TO THE PEOPLE. You can start doing this if Bernie Sanders is elected, the people will stand together. That is the message this time around, not change. STAND! HOLD YOUR GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE TO DO THE RIGHT THING. VOTE for sanity. VOTE FOR SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. get out and vote BERNIE into office, he will guide the people and direct the peoples will and power to make viable choices for AMERICA's 21st century future. The CEO's of JP morgan, Citibank ect… will get over it when they see profits from sustainability as something new to sell the world. GREED EVEN WINS IN A SUSTAINABLE WORLD BECAUSE THERE IS AN ABUNDANCE.

    Lets do this i have faith in HUMANITY. I keep faith for my children.

    "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them" Albert Einstein