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  • Shadowboost

    Fuck me, this is just ridiculous. Cannot be happier for this guy. They absolutely need to put him on the roster. This is him being very very green to football, imagine if he develops…

  • nz rockdj

    If you ever doubt this guys ability .. perhaps in the USA you haven't seen him just check out his highlight reels on Youtube, one of the best rugby league highlights and he's going well in the NFL .. great stuff JH ..

    the Haine Plane is flying !!!

  • KobeBryant

    Notice how he doesn't showboat after every play? some of these nfl players i swear start dancing after making 5 yards.

  • B1gUp5

    All I'm going to say if you think Hayne is gonna struggle with punt and kick returns under windy conditions. Like Inman seemed to think, then I have news for you. Hayne has never played in a dome before. You think Sydney ain't windy or something. He grew up playing on pot hole riddled parks in the suburbs. Catching bombs and torpedoes which were being contested by multiple people at once. THEN he had to remember there will be players waiting to level him once his feet hit the ground. Ain't no fair catches in Australia mate. This Inman guys deluded. Proud of ya Hayne!!

  • borovobomber

    i don't understand why anyone would have doubted him he doesn't feel pressure that is what seperates him from any other rookie ,basically its like a football player(soccer) going to futsal or a 100 metere sprinter going to the 400m rugby league to union,, the nfl is no different!jarryd hayne is probally more suited to to the nfl because he is the most dangeroyus when he has space andthis punt shit gives him space.GO THE HAYNE PLANE!

  • EndZiiel

    OMG its PRESEASON! STFU. Gotta give credit to the blockers too or he wouldn't of made it that far!. I'm Australian but this shits getting out of hand