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  • LuvFloridaSunsets

    I was a Dolphins fan back then, and this year was so frustrating because we played well that yearand had a good season, finishing 12-4. But we could never pass the Bills in the standings cause they kept pulling out all these close games. If the Bills had lost just one of those games that came down to the wire against the Broncos, Jets, or Giants and if we'd have beaten the Raiders on Monday Night like we should have, then we'd have had the home field advantage in the playoffs and they would have been coming down to sunny Florida to play us in the playoffs instead of us going to freezing Buffalo. But knowing how bad our defense sucked back then, wevery wellstill would have lostagainst that damn no huddle offense.

  • m8570131

    Does anyone have the "HBO Inside the NFL" Buffalo Bills Highlights from 1990??? I would love to see those again!!!