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  • Tony McElveen

    I'm liking what I see, the energy is definitely on the right vibe. The LB from Kansas is gonna be making NOISE! I love undersized guys that can prove the naysayers wrong.

  • Robert Villasana

    I think that Dexter Mcdonald is gonna be a steal. Reminds meof T.J. Carrie but more physical.

  • Robert Villasana

    Carr to Cooper
    Carr to Crabtree
    Carr to Streater
    Carr to Harper
    Carr to Walford
    Carr to Rivera
    Carr to Butler
    Wooooo I like that reciever class.!


    I think those Olinemen we got will start day one on the right side.atleast one of them will.I think that corner dexter could start over carrie

  • Keo Samith Sanmesomebou

    Raiders makes many promises to the RaiderNations but what they need is team chemistry. The ball doesn't make touchdowns itself without good plays and it starts with a confident qb that can cordinate to his receivers and the receiver must have a good gut feeling where that ball will go.

  • Rico Stifler

    My sleeper from this draft class is CB Dexter MacDonald. Of the UDFAs, Josh Harper is pretty much a lock to make the roster, imo. He has the ability to be an NFL WR and Carr will make damn sure his friend will make the final roster. I wouldn't be surprised if Harper is at least 4th on the WR depth chart be season's end.

  • Bruce Wayne

    You're getting better at these videos. I love it man, I didn't see debose's highlights till this video he's gonna be a beast at kick returns.

  • Nelasol1

    Raider Nation, He are my quick thoughts on each one of these prospects featured in this Awesome 2015 HYPE Video. Agree, Disagree, LMK what y'all Think. Raider Nation 4 Life, Special shout out to all my Raider Fans from N.E.L.A.
    1. Amari Cooper: TIM Brown 2.0, perennial pro bowler for thenext 8-10 years
    2. Mario Edwards: Bruce Smith Like Qualities,Better Player& Increased Prod. asPro
    3. Clive Walford: Tough BB players turn FB Players:Yes Plz. 8-10 TDs asa Rookie
    4. John Feliciano: Not a Sexy Pic,but as I see more film he get PT in the NFL.
    5. Ben Heeney: Too Small2B astarting MLBin the NFL, BadassSpc Team Capt./Yes
    6. Neiron Ball: A Bust, not impressed by film, toughness, or physique.
    7. Max Valles: Steal ofda Draft, I can see Coach Norton molding him into aSack Spc
    8.Anthony Morris: 7RD draft Gem, small school killa to NFL stud. Pro Bowl Potential
    9. Andre Debose: Immediate Contributor as a Return Specialist if his fast is NFL fast.
    10. Dexter McDonald: NFL Build/Athleticism,IF driven to succeed canB Solid NFL CB

    Overall, I think the 2015 Oakland Raiders Draft Class, combined with2014Class ofStuds and Contributors will go down in history as the men who finally changed the fortune of the Oakland Raiders and return it to its past glories. Just Win Baby!!!!