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  • CarmineFragione

    Obama could be crowned King of Kenya, by sheer acclamation. Then he might rise to be the leader of Africa, leading a delegation to the UN, and the UN would probably move from the East River to East Kenya. Kenya ? Yes we can……

  • Philip Alambo

    Why is it that all presidents with Irish heritage have never been coldly treated by Americans, but when it has to do with half-Kenyan heritage, it is a big issue? John McCain was born in Panama yet no one talked about it. Lets stop being hypocritical

  • Gilberto An

    This man has all characteristics of a great leader. Charisma, impeccable oratory, great power of decision-making. He inspires confidence.
    My greetings from Brazil to the Kenyan and North American people.

  • Dave Morgan

    The hatred in these comment boxes is what is truly ugly about America. We hate anyone who dares to see the U.S. for what it is…not what is projected on television. Shameful. Fortunately history will bury this attitude. Progress is no longer strictly in the hands of America. Not lately. And we may lose it completely unless we wake up and realize we have one specie, one dream, one Earth.

  • San Patch

    Absolute nonsense. Africans are tired of Obama's preachments. We must do this. We must do that. We must tackle corruption. We must respect human rights. We must allow gay marriage. Preach, preach, preach. No new ideas. Just words.

    We know that we should tackle corruption. We know that we should give our gay men and women their rights. We don't need all your preachments, Mr. Obama. Save that for your leftie supporters back home. Mr. Obama has no problem holding hands with the King of Saudi Arabia, the head of a terrible, repressive state. Yet, he has the nerve to preach to Africans. Is there any African country that is as repressive, homophobic, medieval, misogynist as Saudi Arabia?

    Give me George W. Bush anyday. He did more for Africa than Mr. Obama. GWB Action without the preachments.

  • John “Truth Soldier” Adams

    He lies about everything and is a puppet to the Jewish enemybankers you brainwashed slaves.

  • Steve 1961P.

    I am proud of our president. This man is exactly the diplomat that this country needs and the example of diplomacy needed around the World. Some complain about him but never back their reasoning. Still ridiculous "BIRTHERS". My answer to you is simple: GROW UP !!! Many feel he is bad because he hasn't done anything "FOR THEM". May I remind you that he took control of this country while it was at it's worst and spiraling into the ground at a very high rate of speed. Can the USA be better? Of course!! Could it be under this president? Absolutely.. Give him a congress that will work for ALL OF US and many things would be much better today and for ALL OF OUR FUTURES, but some do not want him to be the Knight in shining armor that he is. That would be the white supremacists and the corrupt among us. President Obama speaks in Africa the words he wants all of America to hear and understand as well. He never says directly, but the duality is certainly there and should be realized by all of us. His diplomacy is incredible and I hope our next president will be as diplomatic and caring. Those with negative things to say, don't bother. Most who have negative words about this man haven't the education to make a PB&J sandwich. If you are one of them, please don't waste any more time. Start educating yourself right away. There is still a chance for you to be a happy person who provides for his or her own and actually gives something POSITIVE to this country and it's people.

  • SONSanDiego

    Chicago is still corrupt and Obama is one of the most corrupt and lawless presidents in our history. Kenyans don't really know this man. You should be proud of a real, local Kenyan, whom you know better, not this fake Kenyan.

  • Meredith Grubb

    Did he really just say right off the bat that as president that he likes to keep his promises? Hahahahahahaha I didnt realize he was going to be doing stand up comedy. What an asshole………….

  • Koni Aloha

    He absolutely was not born in Hawai'i. Wasn't his real father an Arab muslim? He is a lying sodomite dictator and he is God's judgement on the USA. How to destroy a country; infiltrate and destroy from within. Puppet of the elite. God have mercy on this country that is falling rapidly.