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  • Pedro Smith

    We give Muslims that freedom to practice their religion and what do they do? Kill and hate those who aren't of their religion. Obviously I'm talking about the radicals. Not all Muslims are bad…

  • John T

    This is the third series of Islamist attacks on Paris this year. Either Hollande takes radical action to protect the French people, or Paris is going to become a war zone like Aleppo or Beirut. So sad.

  • Ruqi Bibi

    I'm a Muslim all these attacks are literally killing me. For those who says "Muslim are terrorists" mate if we where all terrorist and I'm sure the whole world would be dead by now. Listen, don't blame every Muslim for this, Isis are not Muslim! Killing is forbidden in Islam and I'm pretty sure people got killed in this attack therefore those who attack them are not true Muslims. Plz study the religion. t

  • Jonathan Cipriano

    I am in great sadness to see this. My prayers go out to those in France from Canada. I do not respect the fact that the majority of people on the internet are blaming the muslim culture. "Wonder how they feel about open free borders for Syrian "refugees" now?", "Looks like those silly Muslims are at it again!". I am a hindu and I am not against any religion. Don't people know how to evaluate? The refugees come into countries which accept them with no money, no weapons, nothing. They may know people to receive such things but it is very unlikely. There could be people in France that were waiting for the right time to strike; normal civilians. "Hollande's only option to keep French people safe is to mass deport all Muslims." ~ Unless the person who said this was a CIA member or some type of person which specializes in this, I will not respect such an idea. I am not worthy of coming up with a better solution but I'm sure there are others. As time goes on, hopefully things will get better but the racism and judgement is making the muslim culture look disgusting and that is one thing I do not respect at all. Goodnight from Canada peace and love

  • Paul Doyle

    until Muslims are stopped from being or entering the west there will be pain. no more Muslim means no more pain. let them kill each other over and over again.


    This clearly has nothing to do with Islam, right? I already know idiots will immediately argue that this isn't Islamic or to not blame all Muslims.