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  • Alfred H

    I really wonder what's gonna happen in the coming 10 years concerning the Islamic extremists. These people are not Islam, but a version of it that's been modified by a small group of people in order to brainwash many into following their interests and using their version of Islam as a motivator.

  • Vladimir Makarov

    Really sad. Condolences to the people of France! There will never be end to things like that, but I wonder what we can realistically do about this. My guess is that people will have to trade much of their freedom for safety. Other than that, it is all the usual stuff that needs looking into like foreign policy, immigration policies, racial and interreligious tensions etc.

  • Chris Goomba

    I try to be open minded, I try to see things openly but after these attacks and what's been happening the past few years I can honestly say that the world would be a bit better place if Islam never existed. Call me ignorant but that's just how it is.

  • Simon B

    Isis said they would send in thousands of trained killers to Europe. And here we are letting in 'asylum seakers' and even giving them homes. Giving them homes so they can have space and privacy to plot tokill, shootand bomb us from within. Aren't we clever.

  • Dan Dared

    totally agree with 'placeholder' – we still letting more in, why !? Offer them safety & sanctury & this is how they repay the west, why they don't move t orich arab neighbour like Saudi Arabi !? Send them al home, they don't integrate, preach hatred, hate the west, so why come here – go home, we hate u all

  • shutup

    So far pretty much no one on this earth likes Muslims.I don't blame them at all.They've bombed America,killed Mexican tourists,killed many French,bombed their own country,bombed their own people,etc. smh we should've banned by now Islam…..

  • lkokoki

    Of course we'll get the usual rhetoric of "has nothing to do with the religion" and "not all Muslims are like that" but anyone who has basic critical thinking is aware there is a clear correlation. Having now had the 2 terrorist attacks in France this year perpetrated by Muslims, the London bombings, 911, the Madrid Bombings, the Sydney seige how many innocent people need to die before people can accept the fact there is a clear problem with Islam.

  • James wohley

    Ok, this is absolute bullshit. We live in a world where world leaders are extremely powerful and capable of wiping out a country with a click of a button BUT they can't seem to get rid of a bunch the most f"cked up people in this planet.
    Over 40 people have been killed LAST NIGHT in Lebanon, over 20 people killed in Iraq YESTERDAY and 7 Afghan Hazara's (people from my ethnic background) was brutally murdered 2 days ago and now this Paris attack! All this event occurred within the last 48 hours. WTF are this "world leaders" doing? Specially America who's been in Middle East since day one and will be for the next 10 decades! America definitely doesn't seem to be helping, so what are they doing?
    Let's be honest, if countries such as us, France, America, and England can not wipe out 35,000, maximum 50,000 bunch of morons in 5 or so years then that's pretty f"cked up! America ALONE have over 750,000 soldiers. That's 14 times more than all extremist combined so why can't we do anything about it?
    As much as I hate this extremist, I hold world leaders accountable!!!
    Pray for Paris and those who's been affected by this animals in the last 48 hours.

  • fred Smith

    Prediction, now we will kill some more Muslims, then they will kill more of us, then we will kill more of them, then they will kill more of us. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  • Rosemarie Murray

    Please don't blame these attacks on all Muslims. These are a radical few, and should not represent the entire religion.