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  • DrWilde2111

    I can't believe some of the comments here! Sharon is jealous of Dannii?! Seriously?! Come on, people! She's not an idiot! Sharon is an enormously successful manager, who helped create the timeless legend of Ozzy Osbourne Prince of Darkness and the Black Sabbath! Never mind managing other artists like Gary Moore, Motorhead etc., being a TV host and all that.
    She's a beautiful woman who looks amazing. And she's not just beautiful, but also incredibly brave, strong, loving, kind and funny. And last, but not least, she has been happily married for more than 30 years not to a man but a living legend who adores her. She and Ozzy aren't just another couple who've been together for a while and then decide to move on to greener pastures. They have "the real thing", that everyone dreams about, but only few get to have. There is hardly anyone on Earth who Sharon could be jealous of!!!

  • Miss Tune

    I believe her about Danni. Just watch some interviews with Danni talking about her sister or on comparing herself to Cole and you'll see it right there.

  • Maria Santiago

    LOOOL!!!! My god Sharon is a liar and a bully!! If she was even bothered to look up the facts she'd know that Dannii is actually quite talented and was even famous before Kylie was!! If there is one big conclusion to this story it would be that Sharon was nothing but jealous of Dannii's youth and good looks and had probably made an a agenda to bully her since Day 1!!

  • goddidley 1

    sharon osbourne is a rancid, old dung muscle. I think she personally represents most of the things that are bad about humanity.

  • Demie-lee watson

    i would do absoluley anything too meet Mrs O. mean it its my only wish of life is to be able to say hello to this woman. love you sharon!!

  • Shammy Williams

    Proof that the world likes STUPID and dumb cunts. "she has done it all" – except for getting an education. She is nothing but an annoying child with fame and money and a reflection of the stupidity of western entertainment.

  • Rachel Fairfield

    The way Sharon talks or says something in a certain way makes me laugh so much like 'Jack shut up and keep shitting' or 'or shit I'm I'm trouble' she's so hilarious

  • 1GiiirlWithAttitude

    Loveee Sharon n Piers!!!… n think no one here should have such strong negative opinions bout any of them, includin danni, cuz u dont even k ow them,. Ive heard so many times thin bout ppl, and in d ejd, shen i get to know them it wasnt nothin but d perspective and way of thinkin of the person who criticized them, bein reflected..