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  • Stan Davidson

    Oh my god, i have never been this lucky in my life. I was at the restaurant were people were shot, just hours before the attack began. I am so happy i am still alive, and i realise not everyone has been this lucky. My prayers go out to all of those who have lost their lives, families, and friends. If they came just a few hours earlier, i was one of those too. #prayforparis

  • PARCE93

    I can't understand why this world is so fucked up. Just why. Why am I lucky enough to be sitting here typing this, and why wasn't I sitting in the crowd of people who were blown to pieces in Paris? There's no mom or dad now, only pieces of burnt flesh remains, amongst thousands. Why must we as feeling, caring, and emotional beings have to deal with these kinds of atrocities, why must we go through this kind of pain? Why is someone out there right now having to cope with the loss of their loved one? Why? What the fuck did we do to end up in a place as fucked up as this?

  • BHLF|PS3-Comeback tage in progress

    people wait until a terrorist attack to say we all need peace like wtf i pray for them over there but half of you realize religion is they main key to opssing opinions in this world ….. and as long as mankind exists emotions will exist and as long as love exists hatred will exist its never to late to change but look at all the people on this planet and what theyve been through what they've lost how the government is making genocidal acts upon us , what im saying is to truly have peace in this world we must lose everything and rebuild…….losing lives in a terrorist attack will strike tragedy and bring more mourning and dark hearts and will continue the viscous cycle we call hate until the end of time

  • emotionlessx33

    i dont like war. But this is the reason now to begin a war against the Demon of Islam. We need to stop them or they will kill more and more people..

  • Marine Blue

    It's horrible but sorry to tell you that other countries have it worst and you don't see people on Instagram or facebook hashtag in, it's really sad , like it's ok if it happens in Africa ,Asia but not Europe we are all human.

  • lana-xoxo

    Ok wow no offence but why not do the same for Arabic countries pray for them??? PALESTINA BEEN IN A WAR FOR 64 FREAKING YEARS and Syria and libanon and other countries why not pray for them???? I don't f*cking get it only because it's Paris???? Wow people just wow!! They HAVE BEEN FIGHTING FOR THEIR LIVES RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES AND ALL WE GET IS WE ARE "terrorist " and things just WOW