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  • Shawn Hairston

    Bobbi Kristina died from a broken heart. Imagine losing your best friend, your mom who was your world. Forget about all of the mistakes and just focus on the love between mother and child. She missed her mom, shoot a lot of people do even those who didn't know her personally. R. I. P. Bobbi Kristina!!!

  • Andrea .E

    I want to say god bless all the people who mad disrespectful comments about BK&HER mom like I understand growing up is hard for all of you and you all are still wanting to be a kid and act childish I'm ashamed that you all are this low in your boring life's that you halft to talk about God's child BK didn't deserve none of this yes she mad mistakes read the bible it says a man can make a million mistakes a day and god still will forgive them so stop all this she was on this and that and putting black people down because that has nothing to do with BK and saying she was on welfare lol wow and yall probably the main ones on it because yall brought it up and to make it clear some people need the governments help and it is nothing wrong with that so stop being childish and grow up and get over the racial stuff because when we all die we are all going to the same place to meet our Lord and savor so it doesn't matter BK is at peace

  • Malta babe

    Poor bobbi Kristina so sad I think she was murdered like her mum now your with your mum rest in peace bobbi Kristina

  • angelina boschetti

    bobby brown, you just keep planting your seed!!!! one dies another is born! you reap what you sow ! may bobbi k haunt u until the day you die!!! and them some!!!

  • Dawgg

    Whoever said one last black rat in the comments is wrong for that she or her family had done nothing to you she was a very respectable lady as well as her mother I'm sure you wouldn't want no one disrespect you or your family so have respect for our gorgeous Angels we have lost

  • southsyde Sasha

    I thought she would b buried next to hermother…. Is this where shes bieng layed to rest? In Atlanta not Newark NJ by her moms?? rip BK. May God be with whole family at this time& babygirl w her mom in heaven

  • sabrina turner

    Judge and you will be judged. I pray for your soul Bobbi kristina brown that you are at peace in jesus name amen.

  • Keith Jones

    Wat a disrespectful jackass to make comments over someone elses death insensitive and sad I'm gone pray for u sick stupid people