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  • Lawrence Bader

    Donald Trump is the finest, most luxurious, gold-plated, diamond-encrusted candidate for President ever.. He is just fabulous… Fabulous. And the people just love him; absolutely love him.
    Just ask him and he'll tell you so.

  • Brian Wimberly

    Only in America can you after inheriting four hundred million dollars go bankrupt five times sue a reporter who claims your net worth is about two hundred million dollars not the nine billion you claim recently have to close another casino and be taken seriously as a candidate for the highest office in the land by the children in the U.S. news media pathetic!!

  • fabooshness

    I'd vote for Trump in a second because he would run America like a business and he does not let his businesses fail.

  • B tac

    Hey I am Donald Trump..I blew my dad's money on bad business and got bailed out out by my Dad's friends..Now I AM self made, it's true because I can call everyone stupid and no one questions me.. I am the greatest businessman that has ever been… Here America..Let me run this bitch!!!

  • Robert Eskuri

    If you can't keep your casino, a business where people GIVE you money, from going bankrupt, then what makes you qualified to be President of the United States?

  • Trinbagodreamer

    I honestly think if the rest don't mind their business Trump can steal the republican ticket he maybe a jackass but he is not an idiot.

  • nicklas zimmick

    Ignoramus is this country if they don't elect trump. They laugh and think trump is a clown. You sir are the clown

  • Gabe Shakour

    I think all the other Republican candidates are scared of him cause they have meticulously thought out plans and carefully crafted personalities created for them by PR firms and he is like a wildcard of sorts who doesn't really have anything to love cause he's already made it.