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  • SpindashHadoken

    Literally anything is better than the racist, intolerant, big business pandering relic that we just let go of in the government. Here's hoping the next four years are ones of positive change for all Canadians.

  • Blacks = horseshit

    I vote for him for marijuana. that's it. He better not personally block extreme heavy metal bands to enter in Canada like Paul Martin did, or a riot and cars will take on fire.

  • TylerWalks onAir

    I am only 11 years old and we did the student vote on the 15th and I am pretty sure Trudeau won in our class.btw great job u sure convinced a lot of people to vote for u!


    It's not as easy to be PM than everyone thinks. Hate one guy and put extraordinary trust in another, you're living a fantasy. Let's see what JT can do, but he's just a man same as everyone else. In reality there was no perfect candidate for PM this time around.

  • K.I. The Gamer Guy

    All the people hating on Justin are racist Conservative bitches, its time for change and change is now, FUCK harper, and fuck all of you that are going to respond to this post telling me to go fuck myself, so suck it Conservative party bitches

  • Dylan Chance

    All I need is Legalization and the Liberals to be educated on the problems facing Europe and how they may affect us in the future if we slip up on immigration policy. When overpopulation starts becoming a real issue in the upcoming years I'd rather not have a bunch of people trying to taint the multicultural dynamic we have here, with that said. Why does Native American Privilege still exist . . . I know people from various cultural backgrounds and we all have it just as hard, yet the ones with free schooling aren't found. At our university a group of Natives made up the majority of a protest group demanding a lowering of tuition… the problem is everybody trying to study (they even invaded the hardcore private study rooms to piss everybody off) everybody yelled at them and called them out for the fact they don't pay AND they get extra cash sent in. (yet their are less than 1%. They don't make up 1% of the population , and sure you can argue from multiple perspectives (free tuition for all-equal opportunity?) But many people see it as a cultural thing we just dont talk about, growing up in grade school native children would constantly brag about how lazy they could be cause "the white man" stole their land. They get fed a narrative avoid historical facts, that break some of their claims, blame the war crimes of the catholic church on white people not realizing sooooooo many Europeans came after that shit went down. AND throughout human history cultures assimilated each other did far nastier things and didn't baby the assimilated.