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  • Obsidikis Necrosine

    There is one reason and one reason only I will vote against Harper; on his watch, Canada has slid slowly towards the United States in terms of attitude and behavior. I don't want Canadians to adopt a "every man for himself" attitude, to think that Medicare is a handout, that people on welfare are leeches, that the poor are a burden, that the rich and businesses need more tax cuts and subsidies, that EVERY DECISION has to be based on money, money, money, to be terrified of everything and everyone, to want the military to grow and grow and grow…let the USA be like that. Canada is a social democracy. Our concerns should be our environment, the welfare of our citizens, income inequality, our infrastructure, the preservation and proper exploitation of our natural resources, keeping the peace through valid UN operations. Not everything should be about jobs and money. Harper has to go, period. And he will.

  • Doug Jones

    Nothing pisses me off more than adults cutting into anothers answer/reply. Maybe they should have to raise their hands much like they were taught in grade school. Trudeau seems to be worst one to cut in.

  • Kishuna

    Canadian politics is some sketchy shit; everyone sounds dishonest. It's too bad the NDP isn't more of an established party, they'd have my vote if it were anything like Bernie Sanders of the American Democrats

  • John D

    The moderator is truly AWFUL and gives Harper more favourable treatment than the rest, especially Trudeau. For example, when the leaders answer the first question, the moderator lets Harper talk slightly past the bell…when Muclair answers, the moderator cuts him off right at the bell almost in mid sentence…and for Trudeau, the moderator INTERRUPTS him during his first answer (in a shocking and totally unprofessional scene). At other times, the moderator passes judgement on Trudeau's answers, saying things like "well lets get back to the economy," or "i think there was some skating on that subject." Again very shocking comments from a moderator and totally unacceptable. In addition, the moderator seemed more concerned about commanding the stage than letting the leaders speak. As soon as that annoying bell went off he would interrupt in mid sentence and just keep talking over them until they stopped. (e.g. Ok, on to Mr Harper, on to Mr. Harper, ON TO Mr. Harper). Please watch political debates on CNN, e.g. the Republican primaries from 2012. They had a more subtle ding sound and the moderator would ALWAYS let them finish their sentence when the time ran out. This moderator almost never did that. We desperately need Elections Canada to run these debates with a team of journalists or something official like that. P.S. Steve Pakin from past consortium debates is a BILLION times better as a moderator than this guy. Even Paul Wells in the last debate, who came off as a little stiff and shy in the beginning did a decent job, especially as the debate went on. He never committed the kinds of shocking acts we saw from Walmsley last night. Look, I follow the news a lot, read stuff online, watch political panels, etc, and I had NEVER heard of David Walmsley before. He has no skills WHATSOEVER to be a moderator of national election debate. Ugh..

  • David Miller

    What on Earth is Mulcair's fixation on childcare good for! He brings it up more than any other aspect of the economy. Does hue base his economic plan with $15 childcare as it's backbone? It's tough in this world now because 2 salary households is so necessary. No doubt, but childcare is sooooo far down the list of economic tools, sheesh. Give it a rest Tom.

  • RosePhoto1

    I don't understand why Mr. Harper continually made up information and then claimed it was the other parties policies instead of arguing against their actual policies? Every time Trudeau and Mulcair interrupted Harper and said, "That's not true Mr. Harper.", they were right, it wasn't true. Either Harper is stupid or he thinks everyone watching is

  • Anouar khelifi

    Stephen Harper is a big load of bullshit, he's the fucking worst prime minister and he still doesn't get it, Canada must be open to the world not to just USA, we need a liberal party that cleans the dirt caused by those idiot conservatives.