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  • VGMasterFreak

    LOL I like how you respond to everything on all the videos I comment on, no life. RG3 is way too focused to fail, we know he'll succeed in Washington. Eli is a great QB, probably the best at the moment but I have faith that we'll be even better soon once a real team develops and we lose the scrubs in our secondary.

  • Michael Bowers

    Ok Ill do it too. Give me a way to contact you. how about this, ill tell you that when he has 3. I think hes going to get 4. Eli really isnt that good. You think i dont root for the giant in the play offs and superbowl. I hate the cowboys and eagles. I hate the giants to but When the NfC east is in the running you gotta root for your teams div. Eli has always been in ? ever since he started. Rg3 was for a whole ten seconds before that first 68 yard td pass. Then he ran 76 yard for a td. griffin


    @Moocow002 agreed brother.. We fall apart at the last half every fucking time.. Look at our cowboys game; it shouldn't have been that close

  • XITupacIX

    redskins would have won this game had santana moss not dropped a picture perfect pass in the last minute. RGIII is an enigma.

  • Chance1116

    Eli has been a consistent pro his whole career. An elite QB right up there with Brady, Roethlisberger, Rodgers, Peyton, Vick…I'm not even from New York but I'd rather have Eli than Brady. You beat that guy twice in the Superbowl, you deserve a little hype.

  • aaaredskin

    Yeah great. Fans of the Redskins, Cowboys, Ravens, Saints, Patriots, Colts, Broncos, Raiders, Bucs, Packers, Bears, 49ers, Steelers, Dolphins, Jets, and Rams also celebrate past Superbowl titles. All set to lose some more games to the Skins this season? Hmmmm?

  • phuc yoo

    why? we are gonna be sick for the next decade and new york can only hope for the same even though they didn't look so hot after losing all of their super bowl teams (bradshaw, jacobs, many receivers, half of their defense) and the skins probably will win it soon enough. we went 9-7 like 5 years ago…..

  • FamouSx408

    the defensive line is incredible good, all of them are pro bowl worthy, his receivers are incredible, victor cruz and hakeem nicks are known for yac. im not saying eli is bad, all im saying the dline and receivers do more to contribute to the team