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  • Zach Eisenhour

    Watching these highlights felt like looking at a picture of that Ex-Girlfriend that you let get away…Come back 2012 RG3, we miss you.

  • Taylor Bivens

    Damn, got chills watching this. I remember back in 2012 when I watched this season develop, I thought there was nothing RG3 couldn't do. This team was beastly in their 7 game win stretch to make the playoffs and win the NFC East. For once as a Redskins fan when my friends came up to watch games I didn't have to doubt if they were going to win. It was just like I knew already even when they were trailing in games.Three years later and now it's like this never even happened. If only they could return to this type of play. One can wish. Here's to the 2015 season. fingers crossed

  • Sean Tape

    Cowboys suck, Giants suck, Eagles…SWALLOW–call us when you FINALLY get your first SB Trophy(hint the Cards, who aren't even in the East anymore will have one before you & Chip Kelly) We'll STILL have 2 more than you.SKINS DOMINATE!

  • Matt Rhodes

    This was our biggest offseason ever imo. We got the best GM, the best O-line coach in Bill Callahan, rg3 has the full off-season to work with his offense, no injuries or adjustments to a new playbook, we're stacked at the corner position, linebacker position, and D-line position. Idk about safeties though. Not jinxing it but Redskins could be the dark horse in 2015. We also had a great draft.

  • Casey DeMarco

    Rg3 really showed some decent signs last year especially in that final game of the season
    I know he threw a couple pics but he threw for over 300 yard a touchdown and even ran for a touchdown I think he might be able to return to form this year

  • brendan mccormack

    Man I forgot how good Moss was that year, sad to see him go but he was a hell of a Redskin and will forever be the Cowboy killer

  • Dennis Morales

    We're one step closer to be the team we were in 2012… …complete dominion on both sides of the game, offense and defense, it's just a matter of time. Did any one remembers the poorly year of the 1-15 Cowboys that went in the next seasons to win 3 SuperBowls in a 5 year span… …well, it's not impossible, just keep your hopes high and be resilient about it, because history may repeat itself, but with us!


    I really hope this coming season RG3 will prove himself this year and show everyone that he can be the Redskins' franchise QB. Not only that but I hope the Skins do better overrall. HTTR i'm feeling good this year