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  • Carl Clausewitz

    He looks like a small to medium framed 6' 2" 223 pound guy. It's no wonder he has some issues with injuries.

  • redskinjim

    we were up 14 nothing and just got the ball back I hate the feeling of complete despair after we lost the game

  • Markie D

    idk why he would do a documentary, never cared about seeing this until now, bc ppl where saying this and that about him doin 1, but now that i have seen it, he's an alright dude, i wish him luck with everything he's doin, that said, him being a nfl QB is HYPE, ive watched this dude, and a pocket passer is something he dnt have! he cant rely on the read option and running anymore bc 1 more knee injury and he's done, so he kind of has to b a pocket passer, and truth b told, kirk cousins is a better pocket passer than him, i believe he can survive at least 2 maybe 3 weeks bc they have the texans, then i think the jaguars, and then it gets rough, thats when i think u will see cousins, against the giants or seattle, sadly his days as a nfl starter are numbered, unless they go 3-0 is the only way he can pro long his starting career, i hope im wrong bc i wanna see everybody succeed in what they love to do, but my eyes tells me differently

  • mikey8317

    those who doubt rg3 will see there doubt burned into flames and he is best out of wilson and andew luck ,if you guys think hes done get ready for the greatest come back ever in 2014 rg3 has a heart of a champion and he will host the lombardi trophy soon and those who doubt him can kiss my ass,he has the will and the heart of a champion ,go skins ,skins fans believe it will happen