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  • JosephGallagher

    Had been a while since I last saw a rig rundown where they actually played their gear instead of just talking about it. Nice!

  • Aberinkulas

    I don't like this band, really. I don't really share ANY of Jesse Hughes' beliefs, either. But damn, he seems to be as honest and real as it gets. Rock and roll needs more people like that. I like the guy

  • 465marko

    23:46 – Haha, it's very cool that he says how stoked he is to be interviewed about gear. I can't be the only person watching this who…..occasionally…. fantasises about being interviewed for rig-rundown…haha (at least I admit it !!)- Now obviously that will never happen, but I just think it's cool that Jesse is as glad as anybody would be to be interviewed about his gear. That's how you know you've made it…!

  • bassplayersayer

    Great Rig rundown, Thanks for including the Bass Rig! You should do that on every one. duh. and one more thing,………How the hell did He get Jimi's Fuzz pedals??????????? That's the ultimate if it's true. LOVE all the ORANGE amps.!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fudgecake

    I like Dave's attitude towards gear. I understand that some people HAVE to get everything just right because it makes them play better, but how often can anyone but the player himself tell the difference between different tubes, speakers, etc.

  • Brad Lawrence

    I remember meeting these guys when they performed in London this year. Getting to meet Josh, Jesse and Dave was simply incredible, Josh is the most humble, softly spoken man I've ever met, Jesse was a delight to hang around with, literally hugging me at least once a minute while we were chatting, and Dave, well, Dave's just the most chill dude, gave us all free "Dave Catching Loves You" badges, and let us touch his beard. His beard is a beautiful thing. So sweet to see their rigs!