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  • Mr. Down

    Have you ever thought about Tops 10 best points country by country ?
    For example, "Top 10 best points of Spain", and you put the best points won by a Spanish player
    Btw, excuse my English ^^

  • levante883

    Great video, but I think that other tie breaks deserved to be mentioned.

    2011 Madrid Open against Feliciano Lopez (both the first tie break, ended 15-13, and the last one, 9-7 with MP saved, were amazing)
    2006 Tennis Master Cup against Roddick (MP saved also here)
    2010 Australian Open final against Murray (this is my favourite: 5 set points saved, and a lot of beautiful points)

    I would have chosen these instead of the ones against Cuevas or Wawrinka, but anywhay you did a wonderful jof, thank you

  • samy29987

    Wow that Safin – Federer tiebreak was nuts!!! The level of play from both was incredible. I would say it is the best one even on top of that Nadal – Federer wimbledon tie-break 20-18? That is nuts.. Safin overpowering and overhitting everything and Federer defending left and right…. That is his best tie-break won in my opinion because he was on the ropes so many times… And the drama was there. But of course the rivalry has taken over and it was a Grand Slam final so….

  • Nicotine46

    Great video. I'm just starting it but I must notice that the first tie break against mayer is sadly not complete. The most important point is missing (when the ball was let on the match point).

  • Daniel Soto

    Your best video ever? i definitely say YES. Even agreeding with Levante883 that there are some other tremendous tiebreaks who could have been on this video, this is a masterpiece. Another one for your collection

  • Andrew Flurry (Electric Eel)

    Great video.
    How about top 10 backhand passes? Or maybe top 10 doubles points?
    I think commentator reactions could be a really funny video (heck, you could do an entire one on Robbie Koenig "NO WAY!"), but with all the copyright crap and stuff, might be more trouble than it's worth.

  • Raf Cole

    Great video! it's long but a short tiebreak video wouldn't come across. top 10 ideas: points against legends (Agassi, Sampras, djokovic, nadal, etc), different shots like inside out forehands, drops, and whatnot. longest rallies,…

  • mizofan

    In Wikipedia's ATP records (the era since 1972), only Arthur Ashe has had a better tie break winning percentage than Federer, among players who have won over 100.