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  • whois wat

    I find it funny when people start saying she can take on man especially those in her field ….she is good woman fighter…thats where it ends. She CANT beat man especially fighters.

  • Sir Trollsalot

    The guy pretending to be hurt is pissing me off. Look, mate, we get it – Ronda is an impressive woman, but she is STILL a woman. Stop grimacing in pain every time she so much as touches you

  • Jaret Wood

    Strahan would beat her, just based on size and strength alone. Make no mistake though, she would be tough to put away, and probably would even hurt Michael a bit

  • Michael Caristi

    I would kind of like to see her spar with a shaolin monk or one of those Russian Spetsnaz guys. That would be interesting.

  • Lord Moose

    why is it even a topic of discussion if ronda could beat some of these men she is compared to? it's now the level of full blown stupidity. Yes there are woman out there who could beat men in a fight, but i mean, cmon, ronda would have very little chance against an athletic man the size of strahan, even if he had no combat experience. It's fucking crazy the things some of you fanboys say. I try to avoid commenting on discussions such as this since youtube is rarely the place to find any semblance of an intelligent response, but goddamn.. Yes ronda is talented, and she makes the woman in her division look amateur, but michael strahan is a former nfl player who is still in good shape and is just a huge man in general. If he didn't want to be thrown, I dont think a woman of rondas size is going to be able to move him much. And truth be told, when fighting someone that much bigger than you, it's usually a very poor choice to let them get close enough to grab you, even with her training, as soon as she tried to flip strahan, that man could lift her up and slam her into oblivion. I mean, cmon people!