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  • teknomogul

    wouldn't AA have been the nuts at the point of the announcers talking about the nuts?

    everyone who responded to this got TROLLED HARD.

  • Jridgen

    Reality is you don't raise all in deep stacked that early with the 5th best possible hand. Kid is beat by AA, AT, AQ, QQ (on turn)….. 4 different hands to beat him which could have easily called preflop. Granted even a good player isn't getting out of there without losing money, but even an intermediate is getting out of there with a couple of calls losing a 1/3 of their stack instead. Easily turn call, river call, or turn call river fold if you have a read. Kid sucks at poker, guaranteed. Should play some home games before going to WSOP. Then again he is rich so I guess the 10k doesn't mean much.

  • wen yoo

    QQ cannot win and AJ would only win on the river and on the turn it was in already at that moment only AQ could beat sammy

  • RiQnyb

    You moron – if you actually did that you should'nt be playing poker. No man alive can make that laydown, Unless your oponent either showed you he had the AK or if you for some reason by accident layed it down.. You are refering to that you knew your oponent so whell that you just knew. right? Seriously. stick to your dayjob.

  • JordiTV79

    I think they had a starting stack of 20.000 chips, Hudson's raise pre flop (400 chips) was quite weak, Farha could have easily understood that he had KQ or some similar starting hand, makes sense that Farha called.

  • angelo suavez

    easily gotten away, i think your an idiot if you can say that if you go in the main event and lay down a hand like that then you wouldn't be leavin comments here on youtube

  • JusticeForTheDead

    that is the essence of SUCKS!!! I feel for him for that bad play. fortunately, he made probably 25-50K an episode on rules of engagement, like he cares about 10K. ha…

  • Modestas Malakauskas

    I definetely agree that he couldn't LAY IT DOWN, but it also doesn't mean he should have gone broke there.
    He did a huge overbet with that all-in.I suppose it might seem like a bluff for Farha if farha has a strong Ace, but still, he could have had at least few k left if he didn't go crazy like this

  • Shawn Xu

    This guy clearly have no idea of Omaha, this is a typical overfull VS underfull in Omaha. On a AA10 table, u should be glad of holding an Ace, but don't be excited if u hold 10s, any Ace hand with an overcard of 10 like AQ AJ A10 would beat ur underfull. Hudson actually had the worst possible fullhouse on the table, if the stack is deeper i believe he will fold.

  • Manphilip

    i am really curious to see that if it were the other way around, whether sammy would be busted. what do you guys think?