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  • Kevin Smith

    The Saints started out (0-3) but recovered to go to (6-5) after beating the Falcons in Atlanta. It was the Raiders & Chargers that put the Saints out of playoff contention. This was Archie Manning's best chance to be on a winning team & his career never recovered. The defense for the Saints couldn't stop anybody in 1979-80.

  • Patrick Ramirez

    The First Seson of Bill Walsh. The 49ers lost this game 31_20. It woud be the last time The Saints woud beat The 49ers at The Suoerdome till 1986.

  • Wyatt Mailloux

    Saints finished 8-8 that year joining the Giants and Jets for the only 3 teams not to make playoffs in the 1970s squandering that 35-14 lead to the Raiders at home didn't help their chances the 1979 49ers also are the ONLY team in NFL to blow a lead an even DOZEN times in the same season

  • SingleTax

    Steve DeBerg was actually a very good quarterback, he just always made the mistake of playing on a team with a future Hall-of-Famer — Joe Montana, for the 49ers; John Elway, for the Broncos; Steve Young, for the Buccaneers; and Dan Marino, for the Dolphins. I don't know of any quarterback in NFL history who played alongside so many legendary QBs.

  • mxxjss

    Paul Hofer was a beast, a bright spot on those bad 49ers teams of 1978-79. Too bad an injury cut short his career and he was unable to participate in the 49ers postseason run in 1981. Would've been great to see him score a TD in SB 16.

  • Chris Kreager

    Saints seemed to be going in the right direction- 8-8 in '78, headed for maybe their first winning record.

    That Oakland MNF game- they didn't recover from that for about 3 years.

  • Loye Ruckman

    I'm stating the obvious, but color commentators on these old games weren't nearly so prone to rag on a player for dropping a pass or missing a block and so on.