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  • Beyond ARTV

    Thoughts on the new Selena Gomez track "Good For You", which features Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky. The joke at the beginning was just that. A joke, don't take it the wrong way. Stream the song here: http://bit.ly/1CkqtJt

  • Ricky Garcia

    Thats not what "flat" means when talking about a melody ….. btw the song's instrumental is veryyyyyyy beautiful and catchy. I also love the style in her voice.

  • edseduard

    I like her r&b direction in the song…but it kinda sounds like a downgrade version of "The heart wants what it wants"

  • AlexD453

    Great review! It would also be awesome if you could review Hey! We Ok by alternative pop band, Never Shout Never!

  • jeff emerson

    So this is basically stars dance pt.2: Why the fuck do people expect me to try when I'm clearly on the electric boogaloo grind for the rest of my career?

  • Janettehobbies97

    I really hope this album isn't like Stars Dance. I really didn't like it. I loved the sound of When the Sun Goes Down. The Stars Dance album was too auto tuned and it was too electronic. Her first two albums sounded very similar. I recommend When the Sun Goes Down very much! It's probably one of my favorite albums of all time.

  • Kotarou Tennouji

    I like this song. It's not like The Heart Wants What It Wants, and I loved the Heart a Wants What It Wants. This song isn't as good, but it's also not bad. And I don't understand why you would review this when you didn't like Come and get it, and didn't even listen to any of her albums. This review isn't legit when the person who reviewed it hasn't even seen the majority of her music. Sure, it's a new direction in her music, but it's not legit. And we don't know that her voice in there is gonna sound like that, it was leaked, it could have been pitched lower.

  • tatufan3

    i respect your view of the track but I personally love this track I would love it even more without the rapper guy lol

    while im commenting feel free to review Hilary Duff's latest single release 'Sparks' as her new album has been released :)