Shenmue 3 announcement – E3 2015 Sony Conference – People are crying in the audience. Real tears.

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  • Ty Nunya

    #CRYINGTEARSOFJOY PLEASE DONT LET THIS BE A TROLL! 14 years I've been waiting and never thought this moment would never come. I'm still younger than I thought I'd be for this, which makes me happy too!

  • Marth

    Never in a million years would I have ever expected Shenmue 3. Now all we need is Megaman Legends 3 to be uncancelled.

  • Jugdjay


    The day that will be remembered as the day Shenmue 3 had been announced

    That day shall be remembered forever in the history of video games

  • Ömer Yilmaz

    İ hope it gets 10 million dollars, it deserves the best graphics, an amazing soundtrack and a great story, just let the kickstarter continue until its enough for a big masterpiece, Shenmue is a legend, it deserves the best of the best

  • kidecchi

    really? tears for a videogame?

    YES thats how much LOVE we have for this series. a real gamer would understand.

  • Sam Moore

    It's at over $600,000 less than an hour in. Two people have put in single donations of at least $10,000. Jesus Christ.

  • zhifago

    Yu Suzuki really deserves the recognition for Shenmue 1 & 2. Fucking incredible games even by modern standards, truly impressive and passionate amounts of detail in both games. Hopefully will carry over to the third as well.

  • Meme Iselfaneye

    I don't give a shit what anybody says, when the word Shenmue hit the screen I jumped out of my seat threw my hands up in the air (in manner that suggested no caring) and yes…(manly) tears of (manly) joy came to my (manly) eyes. Fuck the rest of it, I've been waiting almost 15 years for this announcement (with Iga just killing it on Bloodstained, and the fact it's already halfway to 2 Mil, I have full faith in it reaching the goal). For that alone, greatest E3 ever for me, I've never been taken aback by an announcement, this one just hit me in the feels.

  • PoliteTimesplitter

    $2,000,000? Really? The original Shenmue cost dozens of millions of dollars. Who's ACTUALLY supplying funding for this? The kickstarter is just a way to lock in pre-orders with minimalist stretch goals. Even less than what Bloodstained offered. Sure, it's nice that this is being made. But you're being lied to. 2 million dollars will not make this game. It's an interest check with money attached.