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  • Dillon Rust

    Immigration Reform NOW for Europe and America!! Caucasian people need to finally stand up for themselves! And forget about being "politically correct"

  • Xaos _ LQ

    I feel like World War 3 is coming because of Muslims! they are starting it…If I was president.. I would kill all of the terrorist all over the globe! Killing all those innocent civilians… very sad.

  • PhoenixFires

    At this rate I'm sure America will move in on terrorist bases with some French drones and European and Russian troops. Asia will keep their traps shut and fight off their uprisings and the 3rd world will cling to 1st world allies. It's not gonna be pretty and at least 10 times the civilians will die than any troops. (Just like Afghanistan! Literally…) Let's hope the end of the world is arriving to put our pitiful selves to an end when we're all good and ready.

  • lucidmoment71

    Suicide bomb goes off outside stadium 20 minutes into match…they carry on playing, 45 minutes they go in for halftime, did someone not tell the players/ managers of a bomb just outside the stadium? But they carry on with the second half!!! something very fishy about that.

  • anthony johnson

    They won't stop. They can't stop. It's all they know. Their God says to wage a holy war against the infidels but they use every weapon and technology of that infidels invented. Their God sent them on a suicide mission. So let the world embrace the will of their their God and fulfill the mission of it's people.

    A people that wants to destroy the infidels worshipping a God that allowed infidels to most superior methods of destruction. All praise be to Allah.