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  • Chapman Films

    Good video except were the video ended. I wanted more you should have made stuff up at the end. Lol jk

  • Typical Wizard

    Star Trek always works best as a television series. Each episode allows crazy twilight zone ideas. It never works as movies.

  • Enraged Draconian

    I love your sense of humour. "Orci respects the original timeline. Orci is a Star Trek fan." It took a while to stop laughing.

    In any case, I am looking forward to the next Star Trek movie, and I'm hoping the fund-raising campaign raises enough money to make it in one shoot. Paramount's Star Wars knock-off, however, I'll be passing on. They lost me in 2009 when they erased the original timeline.

  • Petulant Wigglesabit

    With any luck ST Beyond will be the last of these appalling reboot films, i'd rather watch Voyager films made by Rick Berman than JJ's creation.

  • Grimbot2

    "Orci respects the original timeline. Orci is a Star Trek fan."

    Whiiiich he also said for Transformers. :P
    The guy just tells people what they want to hear, not how the things really are.

  • Christopher Blair

    They need to stop trying to make Star Trek a super hero movie franchise and stop expecting box office numbers like those films. It needs to go back to the small screen so it can get back to telling the kind of stories Star Trek excels at instead of being action schlock with a coat of Trek paint. Hell, even a smaller scale Netflix series would probably do Star Trek more justice than the film franchise.

  • John Doe

    What Paramount needs to learn is that they cannot expect a mediocre action movie, with it's most distinguishing feature being that is has "Star Trek" as the title, to perform better than any other mediocre action movie. It has to be something more. Something special. So if they're going to co-opt the nerd/retro good will of the Star Trek franchise for a boost, they also need to figure out what makes that franchise special in the first place, and take the movie in that direction. Only then will it be more than a middling action flick with good, but not spectacular box office performance. It has to make people tell their friends something more than, "It was fun," or "It had cool special effects" to generate buzz and repeat theater viewings.

  • Rio Sienna

    brownie points to you for putting "enola gay" by omd on the soundtrack of this video i love star trek & i love that band u rock

  • Exclavion Infinidarius

    Ok just to clear up some confusion. Star Trek 3 or 13 whatever shall have aliens in it. And they will act very alien and not human-like although looking like humans. Give Kirk a naked alien and he'd do it. Here's the characters if you will or archetypes. There's a rogue lone blue blonde eyed hero called Kirk that whoops dudes asses gives incredible speeches of triumph and then screws as many women as possible. His main bromance is this half-human half-vulcan guy called spock and he's supposed to be Kirk's foil like oh captain you're not supposed to do three girls in one night and drink ale and violently destroy people without no rhyme or reason. So far the characters are crazy genius top of the line insane badass, logical sidekick loyal buddy, and then the "triad" in psychology that completes the bromance is Dr. McCoy. So Kirk is obviously the greek Pathos which is the design of the mind. Spock is logos which is logic. McCoy in the triad represents Ethos which is emotional states. When Kirk Parties he drinks like some kind of Iowan drunkard probably redneck beer. Spock drinks like Romulan ale or some kind of Vulcan illegal drink. McCoy drinks whiskey and hard southern shit. I know what these characters drink in the show and based on their ethnic background but this is just to illustrate their identities and where they come from etc… Its not bad to say what they drink from their Earth homelands because it's the truth. Scotty drinks scotch and Chekov the russian drinks Vodka because of course they do that there. Kirk is the middleman between Spock and McCoy. He deliberates between Spock's logic and McCoys extreme emotion. An untold relationship is how much Kirk needs Scotty the ship's engineer. The thing is Scotty keeps everyone alive aboard the ship because he is the engineer and maintenance man of the starship Enterprise. When shit goes very bad they don't call Dr. McCoy to mention and bring down morale by saying everything's fucked. No-they call Scotty because he can fix machines and make sure people live. Scotty has his faults too the scotch whiskey binging and his love of machines over humans but in an advanced society of star travelers that is a minuscule qualm. Then we have uhura. Swahili in African for "Freedom." She's a beautiful African woman that stands up for herself and is very smart and formidable and nichelle nichols was amazing and poised and so triumphant. It was a time in which men made women out as baby-making secretaries and not presidents or hardened CEO's but the character was and still is incredible and now by Zoe Saldana just a masterpiece of work. Let's not forget Sulu the helmsman. He's got a badass deep voice, he's asian, and also he can do amazing sword work. Sulu is like a human spock he has crazy desires but he keeps himself in balance, and what I admire about Asian folks is their ability to control their emotional states no matter what is going on however bad or tragic.
    There's no crew member that is less important to the story but ensign Pavel Chekov probably gets screwed as a character in importance more often than not. Usually Chekov is used as a young Russian prodigy of a genius kid. When I do a German or Austrian accent I am not an actor but I don't know why europeans stared at me so hard or Germans like I nailed it I just saw an Arnold movie and was joking around. Typically Chekov is played by a non-Russian person imitating a shitty accent and it's done ok, but…..you couldn't find a handsome 19 year old dude to do the accent right? Come on Holywood. So we have already established Holywood is a bunch of retards. To say this isn't Gene Roddenberry's amazing vision is a bad concept because Gene Roddenberry had shows on during his life of Kirk getting laid, characters drink their ass off, and other such relevant shenanigans.

  • 1701EarlGrey

    So, I see that "Star Trek In Name Only" continues, and that Paramount is still stupid. Hey, Paramount you know why Marvel movies such as "Avengers" and "Guardians of the galaxy" were popular? Not only because that they were loud, stupid and colorful, but also because they were adaptations of well know and beloved comic books – Marvel's fanboys waited for decades to see Thor and Hulk punching each other on big screen, but I've seen no Trekkie demanding to see Enterprise crew being turn into yet another super-duper-hero team, stopping evil baldie from blowing up planets. By doing so Paramount only alienates core fan base and it didn't bring crowds. Because, "Star Trek" just isn't blockbuster material, Trek will never make really big money at box office. Comparison of "The dark knight" and "Into the dumbness", is good starting point: according to wikipedia, both movies had a budget of $185 millions, but Batman movie earned $1.005 billion worldwide – and this was without resorting to 3D gimmicks to make tickets more expensive-, "Star Trek In Name Only 2", made $467 million worldwide with 3D gimmicks… See the difference? What's more other movie also written by Orc&Kurtzman, "The amazing Spider-man 2" made 709 million worldwide and it's considered to be a failure. "The dark knight rises" $1.084 billion, "Avatar" over 2 billion $, "Avengers" $1.518 billion, for pity's sake, animated fairy tale like "Frozen" made $1.274 billion! So, there is absolutely nothing to brag about – by blockbuster standards those new movies are commercially mediocre at best. Meanwhile, authors of those new movies did everything they could to alienate original fanbase, people like me who followed Trek for long years and bought merchandise. Now, I'm literary told "f@#$% you" if I don't like those new films. Sorry, I won't accept dumbing down’ of cinema just because it's sign of times. Why should I? Because it have "Star Trek" name in the title or to let Paramount milk the Trek cow some more?

    Roddenberry is rolling in his grave and I have zero confidence in this "new and improved" franchise. It won't be next-big-thing, no matter how hard Paramount will try to pander to the masses. Guys, just tell good science fiction stories, like you use to, instead of trying to bring the Marvel crowd. Trek is not Marvel, and it never will be.

  • Sefert

    In the reboots the Enterprise is always getting beat up, because JJ hate her and Star Trek. Maybe now she gets the deserved character status again…