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  • jontonian

    Sweet….. It is F'ing STAR TREK !! What is with the baby whining and crying? I am damn happy we get more Trek.. whether by T.V. and or film !!

  • Groove Mistress

    Looks utter crap. And I'm a lifetime huge Trek fan. But I expected nothing else from a script written by Pegg and directed by Justin Lin who knows nothing about Star Trek.

  • Paige Arnol

    Trailer would be great if that stupid song wasn't playing over it. When did Star Trek go from Good (2009), to awesome (2013), and now ok/mediocre (2016). Umm I think it was best when we didn't know when we would get a next star trek movie. I know J.J Abrams is busy with other movies, but it would be best if Hollywood would have put this movie on hold until they got a better director to make this.

  • blooneyful

    As if being the director of "Fast & Furious" (the worst written and acted films of this century) was construed as a benefit to the movie. That fact alone does not bode well for the promotion of this film.

  • FlatEarth.GoesViral.net Channel

    Planets in space Trending! But so is Flat Earth! 60K videos in early 2015 and now over ONE MILLION! WHY?

  • Super Zer0

    If you watch it slowly, noticing the details, you can see that the trailer's scenes are all mashed up in order to give a false plot


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  • Bark lounger

    The Klingon – Federation War takes place in 2267 I believe. With Kirk and company in the middle of this. At this time, there is a cold war with the Romulan Empire and if not for the Organians (see SOT episode 'The Trouble with Tribbles') The War would have been much more complicated Between the 3 forces. We see snippits of this in the Original Series. Give us a film, or even a new Trilogy which centers on Why and How this War begins within this splintered time line. Spock (the Original Timeline one) in film one basically says that events in both timelines happen similarily if Kirk meets certain points within the time line (i.e. becoming captain of the Enterprise, getting Spock to be a member of that crew, etc) So if all events happen as they did in the original time line, then the Klingon – Federation War would be inevitable? I hope so, I want to see this on film lol!!