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  • twmcgraw303

    I really hated the trailer, but the more I watch it the more I think it's just a bad trailer. Visually this looks EXACTLY like a Star Trek film from the costumes to the locations. It's just the tone of the trailer doesn't feel anything like Star Trek, but I think that's just the trailer now. The story is even very Star Trek-like and I love the practical effects on Idris Elba's villain character. The most cringe-worthy part of the trailer for me, though, is Scotty jumping out of the pod and grabbing onto the cliff. That looks so bad. And Kirk's new hair style looks ridiculous. He looks like he was pulled out of Princess Diaries 2 and thrown into this movie. All that being said, though,I'll still go see it opening day because I love Star Trek and I do love this new crew.

  • Mister Puma

    This has nothing to do with Star Trek anymore… Thats a Guardians of the Galaxy ripoff. And not a good one…
    "From Justin Lin, director of Fast and Furious'' – Everything makes sense now.
    Gene Roddenberry must be screaming in rage from his grave right now.

  • Richard Strong

    Director of the some of the fast and furious movies? They had no intention of delivering an actual Star Trek movie, did they?

  • Chris Lee

    Hey Tyrone, how have you been man? You should definitely react to my new video "2016 Movie Mashup – Teaser Trailer." It'll really get you pumped for all the sick movies coming out next year! Happy holidays!

  • Hakudan2

    So people get excited for this trailer but not for the x-men apocalypse one…I have officially lost faith in humanity lol… i mean the first 2 star trek movies by J.J were fine and fun and cool but this just seems like the same and the music doesn't even fit the trailer…meh…seriously guys…