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  • Adam K

    "Sir, what do we do for the next trailer?"
    "Make people look at things"
    "Shouldn't we do something more?"
    "Ok, then make people look at people as well"

  • Legendie

    If anyone didn't notice…Finn is heading towards the Millennium Falcon ;) Also that look Finn gave him, seems like they've met on the battlefield before…except he doesn't know that finn was a Stormtrooper. I can bet he's the one that shot finn down in the TIE fighter..

  • Justifyed Mattitude

    i saw a the 3D Star Wars trailer the other day when i went to see The Martian(great btw) and almost lost my shit. I didn't even know i was that big of a star wars fan, but now know that when i see this movie i will cry in front of other people for the first time in my adult life.

  • Raziel

    The main reason i am going to watch this is the old cast and thats Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford.
    Oscar Issac is a terrific actor, and i am delighted to have him as a part of this movie. But boy do i have a very bad felling about the other two. Dont know why, maybe its because back in the days i was hoping that Hayden Christensen will be good as Anakin, and it was one of his first major roles (and sadly the last). They are very young and totally unknown actors. Hope im wrong.
    And damn i was hoping for Benedict Cumberbatch, Ryan Gosling, Sean Bean or Jessica Chastain to be in this movie.

  • AirCanada1J5

    this really doesn't look that great so far. I mean you'd expect more for such a franchise. what's up with the over acting by the black actor? no, I'm not racist sensitive 2015 people, I just don't know his name, he's always super out of breath or now giving this over dramatic look… pretty obnoxious

  • Klein Fletchers

    Why are people doubting this film when it has not been released yet… This movie is gonna be as good as Attack of the Clones, dammit people!

  • Martin Speed

    this is kinda like the first time I'm having scared feelings, and I've watched all the trailers . I didn't like the robots sound effect, sounded very kiddish. …and the scene of the two guys bumping shoulders by the X-wing, looked to clean. ..in almost a costume-y, Disney kinda way. Please god don't let this suck, how could it?…JJ would be destroyed. Someone tell me I'm overreacting

  • Sir Rorschach

    God, Disney has ruined Star Wars and Marvel. They keep bringing political correctness into it. Disney has made Marvel add gay people to their comics. And have prioritized feminism. Comics are not about political correctness. It's about super heroes fighting super villains.. and now Star Wars has added "blacks". No im not against blacks in movies. But that actor looks lame as hell. I can tell already he has no "umph". He's just a dude they picked to be black in their movie in politically correct 2015. Damn it. You want strong black actors, take Wesley Snipes or Michael White. This dude just looks lost in the sauce is all. And damn holleywood for making that light saber.