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  • JC Korn

    It's incredibility weird for me……
    I haven't been forced to watch tv at PST hours for soooo long.

    Monday Night RAW I've been watching from 6(now 5) to 8 for years instead of staying up past 11 to finish watching.
    Adult Swim, same story, starts early…
    Even when I had cable, always had the Eastern and Pacific feeds.

    So for me to watch Colbert, I've gotta stay up till 12:30am….or watch it on DVR in the morning.

    There's also something…..nostalgic about watching live television….

  • Jim Thomas

    Asshole Les Moonves sittin' in the front row watchin' this hand-picked asshole go to work. Moonves is as big an asshole as there is in corporate America.

  • Jim Thomas

    Ph*ck Colbert. The big asshole did a 10 minute dissection of the Trump candidacy and didn't mention another candidate. Use you bully [pulpit to talk your left-wing dim-wits into who to vote for.

  • SuperCocksuckinggoog

    Stephen is a comedic genius – a man with a broad education, wide-ranging interests and an unmatched wit, all put to use to expose and satirize the stupid and the heartless among the American elites.