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  • keith maclachlan

    I miss his show so much and now jon stewart is leaving too, i dont know where I'll get my news from now, every time i watch fox news i can feel my IQ dropping

  • bubblinbrownsugar616

    "Oh great timing Obama you should have announced it on Black Friday when those body cameras were 2 for 1 at Kohl's before 6 am"

    LMFAO!! GOD I LOVE this man!!!

  • Chris O'Brien

    Not sure if body cameras will help citizens. The death ofEric Garner was video taped and it didn't help. There are also many stories where dash camera video "mysteriously" disappears if its not in favor of the cops.

  • Chris Turnblom

    Why does no one ever bring up the issue of creating industry in these areas where the majority of these incidents happen? You'd be amazed at how much less trouble you'll find yourself in when you're too busy working to be constantly monitored by the police.

    Still, concerning police, I say; train them more, pay them more and hold them to the same standards as the rest of us. I am glad to see that some accountability is happening but we shouldn't stop until the mechanisms that create a culture of corruption in police departments are eradicated.I'm sure there are plenty of cops in those precincts that wish they didn't have to take the money to avoid trouble from their fellow officers.

  • David Jones

    Fox News has gone silent on Benghazi amid reports that the House Intelligence Committee concluded that there was NO intentional wrongdoinginthe Obama administration's response to the 2012 attacksin Benghazi, Libya.

  • jump oricakle

    even though I find Stephen funny most of the time I have to disagree with the message this video sends. if you look at the facts none of the shootings were about race in Ferguson it was a cop defending himself, in NYC it was a case of police brutality as well as in some of the less well known cases. it's not racism since evidence doesn't prove the police in question were racist some of the officers used excessive force and should be punished for that but race baiters are trying to make this into something it's not and divide the country further apart. "divide and conquer" still holds true today the people should be allied together to fight police brutality not racism which will never be completely wiped out.