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  • 8polander8

    wtf theres so many awesome movies coming…
    Suicide Squad
    Star Wars Force Awakens
    Batman v Superman
    Xmen Apocalypse
    my pussy is not ready

  • DAVID veilleux

    I just watched Iron Man 3 the other night. The contrast between the Marvel stuff and the DC stuff is enormous. First Superman/Batman and now this. Why do these have to be so dark? Marvel is making good superhero content, it's fun and it appeals to a broad audience. No sane person is going to take their children to see this. The Superman/Batman movie looks unfit for younger kids as well.

    Good luck selling toys based on this movie.

  • CheezyBob

    Is batman in the movie? If not, who/what is there at 2:22?

    Maybe he's just there for one scene, or maybe it's a thug dressed up as batman.

  • CupidStunt

    What if the guy with the weird Batman mask is a Batman copy cat vigilante like the Sons of Batman or the hockey pants guy from Dark Knight?

  • lairdriver

    One more thing to point out – this is important lol. This is not the official trailer that Warner Brothers planned on releasing. Somebody put together stolen footage in a semi disjointed fashion and put this out. WB tried hard to have it removed but it spread like wildfire. They have already identified a couple of the people behind it. Obviously someone tied to the film. Don't let it spoil the mood for you.

  • DAVID veilleux

    I like Will Smith, but I absolutely hate him for the role of Deadshot. Everything about his demeanor in the trailer is just wrong. The guy that plays him in the Arrow TV series would have been a much better choice.

  • Grample Gust

    First time ever hearing about this group of characters before. Can anyone give me the run down of the story to clear it all up so that I can know what to expect? Would greatly appreciate it.

  • AngerIssuez

    I wish they'd redesign this Joker. I have no doubt that Leto will do a good job, but I don't think he'll look the part.