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  • Bill Waggoner (The Real Bill Waggoner)

    Vitamin B 17 please just eat the apricot seeds. It works! APRICOT SEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just search it, it totally got rid of my best friends of cancer.

  • Mega Titan

    Everyone, this is the MegaTitan, one of Jimmy's longtime friends for over 22 years. We watched Super Bowl 29 together and he's still a great friend of mine. Ladies and Gentlemen. ….it is our DUTY to rally behind this great man. The best friend I have ever met in this crazy business called pro wrestling. Give "The Superfly", the legend, all you can, but most of all, your undying LOVE!!!!!!! Peace and love to you all! !!!!

  • Robert Riccio

    Just after the last post that my friend the metal maniac put up on my acct the phone rang and it was bill apter! Thank you bill I don't know you but it was nice to see the positive effect it had on him re. Jimmys health! I've known maniac for a year and read jimmys book before I met him and I truly was blown away that we met! It is my understanding that a lot of people have said a lot of very bad things about the maniac which I've come to find out are simply not true Jimmy and maniac have never ever stop being friends ever no matter what anyone has ever said this I know to be true this I know that Jimmy spent A week in late October with the maniacs mom the last week of her life and drove three hours round-trip every day to be there and to spend time with her and him and was a pallbearer at the maniac's mom's funeral they don't get much closer than that secondly I can see over this last year how Maniac refers to Jimmy has his brother his father and his friend all wrapped into one the one chapter of Jimmy's book really doesn't do the relationship they share justice but what I can say is that it is a very special One! His words were today after speaking with Jimmy's wife he said that he's praying very hard for Carol Jimmy and all of Jimmy's children and all that in this difficult time ! I can see that the effect on the maniac it's as if he's losing his mother over again which was extremely extremely dramatic so in closing as a wrestling fan here in Hawaii everyone in the Hawaiian Islands loves you and wants a super huge come and I can tell you your brother the heavy-metal maniac Loves jimmy and Carole very very very much! Thanks for reading!

  • White Dove Ranch

    Superfly, you get well brudda. Bill, is there a way we can send money and help Jimmy with his medical expenses?

  • george ruth

    I remember Jimmy here in my area before he made it big. I know just from watching Jimmy in the early days to know he's gonna fight this disease with everything he has and he will beat it. Get well soon Jimmy