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  • cowboy p2

    US centenary institutions wich transcend individuals..that's something that fascinates me! There isnt many things like this in the world (I'm not american)

  • James Barnes

    Civil rights are privileges granted by the servants and what is granted can be removed at the grantors will.. Man on America does not have, nor should he/she want civil rights? Inalenable rights, are what man claims on America, they cannot be screwed with by our servants lawfully, at all, EVER…and ps…."Necessity knows no law."..it is lawless..they can take their necessary and proper clause and shove it, unless they want "We the People" (individuals) to also use the lawless power which belongs to us individually…

  • ГаджетРевью: Обзоры смартфонов, планшетов и прочего

    хороший обзор, спасибо, плюсую!Супер!

  • P D

    Poppin my cherry for commenting on a youtube vid. Pop. Keith has it right, keep them entertained, give the kids a giggle once in a while, while driving important points in a simple condensed manner. I mean the blazer,,,,& overall demeener……on youtube as a whole, the most style points go to this man.

  • Lauren K

    WOW I didn't even know about Korematsu v US but my family went throughout the camps so I will for sure remember it now! I'm so glad I watched this after seeing this video was so long I almost clicked out but I'm glad I watched this instead of just going on netflix or watching a some random youtube video. This was so helpful THANK YOU I think I might just do well on my Ap gov semester final now!

  • Louie Castillo

    He forgot the executive order where the military was given authorization to violate habeas corpus and actually kill all citizens who were part of a monk cult. Men, women, and children were shot down and slain. The senate issued a bill of attainder on them after the slaughter in which the blood bath continued for decades. Its tragic that they never tell us this in history books. May we never forget Order 66.

  • Micheline Hilpert

    I think this was very well done. Thank you.
    I know there are so many more that could have been included, but this is a great overview. Thanks for the refresher.