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  • Tito Martinez

    Not enough to people in America care about their health care majority of people worry more about stories like Jenner and kardashian and when this act gets destroyed by the Supreme Court and republican legislators they won't be blaming them, they'll blame Obama for getting rid of "Obama" care

  • Ross Miller

    Conservatives are just fine with American dying from preventative ailments…any time a conservative tells you how much they love this country, ask them what part?

    They hate our laws, our workers, our poor, and anything else that doesn't fit their narrow view of a world where they wealthy get everything and the rest of us can get fucked…Even our Constitution, these pricks only like 1/2 of the 2nd Amendment, the part that they think gives them the right to kill black people.

  • Sethalos

    It's almost like you Americans really want to just fucking implode as a Nation. From the outside looking in at you, with everything that has gone on over the past 20 years, I'd be surprised if your Country lasts more than another 50 years before it just implodes.

  • Enigma w

    one thing which i cant understand is why no one is attacking the greed of doctors and medical services? why can't they start charging reasonable fees ?

  • StevieWho

    Can an American please explain to a British person who watches your country with baffled amusement how "we should help people who couldn't ordinarily afford it too get health insurance so when they get ill in our ridiculous broken money-grabbing system they can get treatment so they can not die or have to sell their possessions in order to afford the treatment they need" is somehow a bad thing that needs to be gotten rid of?

  • AspieAndy2012

    In America it seems like it's every man for themselves. Republicans don't like paying for someone else's healthcare so people really have to fend for themselves. You should work together with your fellow men so that everyone can live long and prosper

  • only half bad 333

    Bet you anything that the same retardicans that were bitching about obamacare are gonna be the first to bitch because they don't have insurance anymore.

  • Augustus

    Lol, the "vicious country?" You mean the country you moved to for opportunity? Cenk is so full of dog shit man. If you don't like it, come up here to Canada. You can do Canadian politics. But that means of course that you won't make any fucking money and will probably be making 60 grand a year working at the Sun or CBC. Why don't you donate some of your big fucking paychecks directly to the American government Cenk? Or would you rather give it to the charity of your choice? Offfff cooouurrse.

  • Pete W

    "Free at the point of use" isn't the makings of a dictatorship – the U.S. needs socialzed healthcare. I swear it's the most efficient method of healthcare delivery you can have right now.

  • Kevin Smith

    Your argument is stupid. Allow me to tell you why using reality.
    The CT Scan you speak of costs $11k. The monthly premium for most health insurance now runs around $350. Over 2 years that's $8400. Now that type of health insurance will have between a $3k to $5k deductible. So… over those2 years he is paying more for that CT Scan then if he had no insurance in the first place.
    If he is single with no kids, he would also not qualify for subsidies if he works any full-time job at minimum wage. So… not really helping.
    The problem he seems to have is he pays too much in payroll taxes. At his annual income level he should not be paying any income taxes if he has a halfway decent accountant. Health insurance is alsonon-taxable income. So really the only case this argument could be talking about is what percentage of income the rich pay in taxes. This is somewhat a moot argument. In this case he would be paying 12.8% for payroll taxes with 6.4% coming from the employer. A rich person would pay the same rate up to $100k and not receive any of the benefits from payroll taxes. So its kind of like saying, give us money for free because you are rich while we don't give you access to those benefits. On the income side, even with the fanciest of accounting practices, the rich guy will still be paying a significantly higher % of taxes then the guy from this example.
    Still I find the argument that he is paying too much in taxes pretty funny coming from The Young Turks.

  • thesweatleaf

    My mom has been fighting cancer in Texas, one of the worst states for health care, and she's only alive because of Obamacare. She went into remission about 3 months ago and is due for her first checkup. Every day I have to think about the possibility that her chance at getting continued health care ends with a stroke of a justice's pen.

    We need this law, it is literally life or death. Choose life, do unto other's what you would want done unto you.